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About Azhar Iqbal

Azhar Iqbal # 1 SEO Services Dubai, UK, USA, Germany

COO (Cheif Operating Officer) at 5icreations, inc
Location Pakistan
Industry Real Estate

Azhar Iqbal # 1 SEO Services Dubai, UK, USA, Germany SEO Strategist, SEO Consultant - Move YOUR WEBSITE to the front page of Google, Yahoo and Bing 1 month ago

• Business Manager at
• Business Manager at MAGNAG Technologies
• COO (Cheif Operating Officer) at 5iCreations, Inc. (Sole Proprietorship)

• Senior SEO at Dubai Furnished Apartments
• Digital Media Manager at CarJunction
• Internet Marketer, Branding Manager at Arbico Computers Limited

• Karachi University

• My Website
• My Blog
• My Company

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Hi, I am Azhar Iqbal, recently graduated in commerce and looking forward to participate in MBA programs. I am a decent personality with sharp understanding of crucial issues and relationships.

I am a helpful resource.. Whenever you are in dark or feel pain, destination less, come to me… If God is us, we will create new solutions to your problems.

On the field, I am an all rounder taking part in online creative digital marketing, market research analyses, search engine optimization, pay per click systemization, business consultancy, project leadership, copy writing, designing, software development and code optimization with loaded experience…

Give us a brief introduction of your professional and personal background?

I have been with many geniuses, bosses and professionals who are real creative, dynamic and proactive. Hence, I have gained too much of that into me…

Personally, I am a quick learner and a guy who handles a huge team…


SEO was newly introduced in Pakistan in early 2000. Luckily my brother is the first renowned SEO of Pakistan who conveyed the tricks and tips into me…

I have all of those tools and ideas to generate traffic, increase sales and promote brand in target market. SEO is a part of online marketing, and additionally I have been involved in many major decisions of mega organizations as an SEO…

On the other hand, i am completely involved into MARKETING BUSINESSES ONLINE. This is the work i love and i live…

I know the goods and beds of a normal website, its all about what search engines likes and dislikes.

I write for public at

Tell us about your current job & what you do in a typical day?

My current job is a one man show:

I am involved in everything, whether it’s communicating with clients, SEO, SEM, internet marketing, web development, training, copy writing, analysis, reports, creative ideas or analyzing visitor behavior for a particular day, I have to be involved.

I know the target market of MAGNAG Technologies, its mainly Dubai, UK and USA region and I have research those high quality traffic websites in that region which can generate quality traffic to our website. What message to convey to public? Which inspires them and they click to acquire our services? The designing stuff and ideas? Communication with advertisers, settling on a monthly rates, size finalization etc.

We have to focus on SEO in first 8-10 months. Once, we are on top then we have to maintain website position in top 10 and we can focus on other marketing techniques to promote it to extent.

I have all of those monthly, weekly and daily tasks with time calculation. Hence, I keep an eye on them and prioritize my work.

Tell me about your pervious job (select one by one in the CV) and what you did? Also mention the date of joining and date of leaving with reasons for leaving?

3S Global Canada
Search Engine Marketer
June 2002 to Dec 2004

3S Global is the first company which introduced SEO in Pakistan. It’s an I.T firm focussing on Textile and Hotel industry of Pakistan and Canada.

When I joined here I was given all projects and two submitters (helpers) to maintain them.

It was a pure Search Engine Optimization Job, I had clients, I used to convince them on issues, and send them weekly reports of rankings and traffic.

I had to leave the Job due to my studies, in the meantime I had trained my trainee to replace me and I left the Job happily.

Arbico Computers London
Head of SEO Division
Dec 2004 to Dec 2006

Arbico computers is the leading computer retailers in London. Mr. Anwar called me and had a meeting with me that he wanted his business to sale online. He knew the importance of SEO and hasn’t mated a single guy who could help them before me.
The website was built in CMS shopping cart (X-CART). It was a new experience for me as there was no SEO who had the experience of optimizing a shopping cart website.

By the grace of God, I covered and studied the shopping cart very deeply and discovered unique ways to optimize Arbico website.

Today, Arbico is a success name and they have removed their EBAY shop because already they are having good traffic from search engines.

I had to leave the Job because it was limited and I love to have unlimited focus. Again, I had a trainee to replace me and also salary package was not ideal for me.

Car Junction Japan
Manager Creative Digital Marketing
Dec 2006 to Dec 2008

Car Junction is Japanese exporter of vehicles all around the world, so I get the high exposure a worldwide market.

As a company Car Junction Karachi office is not one of the very organized workplaces and no one there is a true professional.
I took this challenge and fill the passion of work and performance into the customer support department which was very poor.

I increased traffic to 500% and sales to 300%

I utilized each and every way of online marketing including banner advertisement, Google adwords, search engine optimization, email marketing, SMS marketing, automated generated messages, ERP system updates, website features etc.

Currently, I want to change my environment and be a part of a professional organization. This is why I want to leave Car Junction.

A.I Training & Consultancy (Pakistan)
(Feb 2005 to Present)

Dubai Furnished Apartments
(Oct 2008 to Present)

5i Creations, inc
(Oct 2002 to Present)

FOUNDER and Business Manager
Magnag Technologies
(Oct 2008 to Present)

What are the achievements in your previous job? Cite one remarkable example?

Increase in Customer support effectiveness
ERP Systemization
Multilingual versions of website
Proven SEO success
Huge level of advertisement and brand awareness
Newspaper advertisement
Magazine advertisement
Buyers research
Companies research
Market research etc.

How have you added value to your job over time?

I report each and every moves from customers on website, what they like, where the enter, where they exit, what should be there to make it a more interesting and pleasurable purchase etc.

What proactive steps did you have to take to increase the output of your position?

I realize the core problem, it’s no matter how much traffic I can generate, it’s no matter how much enquiries customers ask, it is the customer support department which has to be quick, proactive.

In their part, CSRs also have troubles in gaining information to pass it to customers. I discuss this all with developers and bosses to make the information centralized so that each and every CSR could access the information and make sure to make a sale.

Describe how you have progressed through the ranks and landed in your current position?

I have kept my exposure unlimited and thought for any opportunity which could generate public and traffic to the websites.

Continues studies and experiences from professional marketers in the industry I have been on the place which I really deserved.

What qualities do you think are necessary to make a success of any job?

Time management
Role management
Prioritizing abilities
Technical information
Analytical skills

How would you define marketing in this part of world?

Marketing is to find where customers are, then to convey organization’s message in a creative way.

I have another one now: Marketing is to create or understand the customer’s need.

What is the biggest failure you’ve had in your career? Why do you believe it was your biggest failure?

There is not that mega failure. However, small errors do happens.

Do you have skills, knowledge sets and personal attributes to allow you to do this job?

Absolutely (Alhamdullillah)

Tell me about some of them?

Please see career profile link

What parts of your education do you see as relevant to this position (we are offering)?

Marketing education and technical secret information

How big is the company you are working for?

It’s a worldwide setup, having branches in Japan, Pakistan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and South Africa with more than 500 employees.

Describe the chart of the company you are working for?

If we analyze traffic, inquiries and sales, Car Junction’s chart has been improved every year.

What do you know about our Company?

Emirates Neon Group is one of the leading the leading media solutions company. The whole group is specialized for customized signage, architectural and interior designs, stores and a consultancy which provides activities like planning, concept design, concept development, and contract management.

The group covers marketing on a large scale, inspired marketing is always get noticed.

Everything is done with discipline and professionalism. The latest technologies are always applied like VPN Plasma Screens and all management.

Hi Fi clientele, proud projects, achievements are available in between the group.

The vision of Mr. Hanif Merchant is very broad; he targets the world with his vision of becoming a global corporation in next 10 years.

It’s the top corporation in Gulf but it needs to cover the whole world.

In the end, ENG is a very large group and has many different achievements.

SEO Comments about the Company

I am having a good list of things and areas which need to be improved both for search engine robots and website users.

If we remove those things which search engines hate or minimize them we can be noticed effectively.

ENG worldwide is a group which needs to be identified globally on high traffic keywords.

What do you think about team work?

I think team work is the key to success. Task assignment process is very necessary to achieve target on time and with complete effectiveness. Team work creates a healthy environment across the colleagues which always help build powerful planning.

Responsible gurus should take this responsibility on their shoulders to promote talent in the team.

Personal understandings and attitudes are few of important components.

What is your contribution to a team?

I love to take part in team works; even I always try to have predefined important tasks which add value to my company’s projects.

Can you give me an example of working as part of a team?

If it’s about how team work goes, then its all depend on management guys. Once all team members have road map, available time and techniques to accomplish crucial goals then it’s all look smooth and easy.

Priority should be given to the serial tasks, so one could not wait and work to the plan.

Do you prefer to work by yourself or with others?

Both conditions suit my type of work. When I am searching for ideas I have noted they all appear when I am relaxed.

However, I always prefer to work in a team environment. It helps me play my role as a team member.

What kind of people did you have contact with on your previous jobs?

They are very good peoples, there are few things which they never consider important in them and they are indiscipline and deploys an unorganized way to work.

Define cooperation and how comfortable you are to work with multi nationals?

I love this multi national environment and if there are few things which I need to care and be positive about them, I am never going to take the step back.

Cooperation is pretty necessary to have team work going.

I see you were not spending more than X duration in your last jobs. Tell me why?

Lol, i really didn't notice it yet. haha

Where do you want to see yourself in the next 3-5 years in your career?

I see me as proud guy who deserve respect and status with my capabilities.

And also, always free of troubles.

Tell me about a significant achievement in your life?

There are many achievements on and off the field. However, I think the most significant achievement of my life is yet to come.
This skepticism provides me with more effort and passion to achieve unique and creative successes.

What were your most significant accomplishments at you last job?

ERP System maintenance
Google PR of 6
500% Growth in traffic
300% Growth in inquires
300% Growth in sales and revenue
Businesses through Alibaba
Huge brand awareness
Customer support training and affectivity
Traffic from targeted countries
Visitors tracking, monitoring and simplifying the purchase process
Low page loading time
Validated HTML
Top rankings on high competitive search terms
Beating competitors in marketing, website features, and stability

Are you ambitious? Are you willing to learn?

I am always willing to learn and pray from Allah to keep me ambitious in any circumstances.

How do you balance yourself between work & social/family commitments?

I always have time calculation sheet opened with me when I am work.

No one can avoid uncertain issues and risk from nature and also with family, but I always distribute social and professional activities separately.

Saturday and Sunday, these two holidays are good to cover it all.

What motivates you most? Incentives / rewards / job or self satisfaction or else?

Self satisfaction, incentives and rewards are good but I consider respect and status motivates me much faster.

What are your strengths / weaknesses?

Confidence is my strength and quick believe on others is my weakness.

What type of people do you generally get along well with?

Happy, sincere, geniuses, creative, proactive, well equipped with skills, respected, helpful

Give me an example for the last time you went above and beyond the normal the call of duty to get the job done?

I was at work when the hosting server of Car Junction was in maintenance and I noticed me as the lone person to take the responsibility.

It’s normal when it’s between 9 to 5 jobs, but actually it was 2:00 at night, everything was ok, and I felt my cooperation for my company.

Sell this product to us.

Import quality vehicles directly from Japan.
Choose from over 2000 vehicles.
Quality vehicles, quick shipment, affordable prices

What is your current sales Target?

It was the sale of 35 vehicles a month.
I targeted 200%.
I achieved 300% with sales of 100 vehicles a month.

What strategies you opt to achieve your sales target?

Brand awareness
Searching the right place of customers
Proper marketing
Search engine optimization
Email marketing
SMS marketing
Billboard marketing
Newspaper marketing, magazine marketing
Press release distribution
Forum publicity
Welcoming customers with warm and pleasure
Telling unique selling points
Proper display of products
Easy to navigate purchase process
Visible inquiry buttons
Customer support training
Software developments for team
Online visitor’s behavioral targeting

Tell me the last time you failed to complete a project on time, what did you do?

When we are not on our time limit, we can not do anything but complete it as soon as possible. Find out the actual problem taking too much time and have it done by the right channel.

Buffer time is very helpful in meeting the projects on time. Keeping 10% extra time helps and alarms.

What do you do when things are slow?

Race concept is also good to speed up the projects. If a type of assignment is assigned to two or more guys, we can carry all of them together and on the right speed.

Sometimes, praise makes good people better.

How do you manage multiple priorities?

I design my daily routine on the first half hour of my work with considering the importance and urgency of multiple tasks.
I am working parallel mostly.

How do you organize yourself for day-to-day activities?

Yearly task sheet
Monthly task sheet
Weekly task sheet
Daily task sheet
Hourly task sheet

Tell me about a task you started but just could not seem to get finished, what you did?

I like this question.
Strange politics is involved in the teams, which delays the projects.
Few bed factors are afraid of doing too much and give all credit to the deserved guys.

Which country do you prefer to shift to – GCC, Africa, Asia?

I have not thought about it, but I like to be in UAE, UK or USA, Saudi Arabia.

How soon you will be able to move outstation?

I will need some time to settle things here; I don’t want something wrong to be happening with anybody.
I always settle my responsibilities.

Why should we take you and not other internet marketers?

Please see WHY ME link on the top. I think I will learn from you and will add value to the organization more than anyone else.
I believe when I am involved completely I am at my best.

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