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#1 SEO Outsourcing service Dubai at 00923213317911 Vast experience of Dubai internet marketing is here -
2009-06-24 15:30:08

Dubai (UAE), June 22, 2009 – Azhar Iqbal noted the growing Dubai internet marketing especially in the Dubai real estate, Dubai short term rentals, Dubai Apartments rentals, Dubai vacation apartments, Dubai tourism sectors etc. The recent clients for Dubai provided a value added ideas, thoughts, database of links, market understandings, seasons ups and downs and a great chance to improve revenue.

Few Dubai clients are:

Today, every second one is an SEO specialist J (Beware of those juniors, who treating as specialist SEOs for Dubai). The unique point is this service is different from other SEO service providers in Karachi, Pakistan. We believe in helping online businesses achieve their long term goals (Not just wasting time in stupid activities).

Azhar Iqbal has changed the entire luck of MEGA ORGANIZATIONS worldwide. He has got excellent business and analytical skills to manage him team produce excellent quality traffic. Azhar Iqbal runs to provide the following services:

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing
On Page / Off Page Optimization
PPC Management
Internet Marketing
Digital Marketing
Contract Based Banner Advertisement
Placement Targeted Banner Advertisement Online Creative Digital Marketing
Automated Solutions
Marketing Consultancy
Software Based Solutions
Advance Technology
B2B Portals Marketing & Sales
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Blog Editing
MSN Mail Marketing
YAHOO Mail Marketing

There are still businessmen who are missing SEO even their ONLINE WEBSITES… I want to tell them, that if you hire our SEO SERVICES for your business…

You might increase your sales up to 500%. We provide our services in not any currency… but you pay us in PAK RUPEES instead of BIG DOLLARS… MAGNAG is implementing Advance SEO solutions for Pakistan, Dubai, USA and UK based clients for 5 Years. Azhar Iqbal has worked for clients form around the world including UK, Dubai, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Vietnam, Germany and Pakistan. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: MAGNAG Technologies
Your Chance to Expand Business


Tel: 00923213317911
Address: Civil Aviation, Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan

SEO for Dubai Portal - A case study for Dubai Portal Optimization -
2009-07-02 09:09:58

Optimizing a big shopping portal is not that easy! it needs huge focus and technical skills to carry the shopping portal onto the right track. I have got a query about a SEO DUBAI SHOPPING PORTAL, the website is

I am sharing this post to deliver inside knowledge and get inside feedback from you guys.

I just paused the keyword analysis work on your website (as it’s a huge one) :). It’s a portal like WWW.AMAZON.COM.

___Keywords Analysis___

Usually, we select 10-15 keywords and target them for SEO strategy. Like they have only one product and that is computers. So, we could easily target computer related keywords.

For they have one product and that is vehicles, we targeted vehicles related keywords.

But, is a combination of huge variety of products. It means we have to vary keywords on category by category and target them to get high rankings.

First of all, i am sure you not only need an specialist SEO but a focused SEO as well for this kind of portal. This is not going to be easy for anyone saying i can promote in 2 months or 3 months etc.

Let's talk about the variety of products they have got! It’s a 7 time work required on this website and all done professionally and technically.

___Target Market___

Target market is ONLY DUBAI. Not world wide


Normally, we send ranking reports to our clients showing them how we are proceeding to the ranking list. However, for this web portal Dubai traffic matters not ranking. You will never know and you will receive traffic on variety of keywords which even I have not thought.


There will be not one but many competitors, competing on different terms. Let’s say TOP 10 on "buy computer Dubai" is totally different from "buy camera Dubai".

____Special Branding____

We will give "DUBAI" the special weight in SEO everywhere on the website. Like someone searching for "Dubai computers", "Cameras in Dubai" etc. could find our website. We will give it a branding touch rather than focusing only on results.

People should know and remember the name of

____Keywords ___

Keywords are going to play the top most part for this Dubai web portal. Keywords decide whether we are targeting the right path or wrong, if we make foolish things up in selecting keywords, we are goanna always find where we are and where we are going...

____Technicality and SEO Friendliness____

There is one way we can be strong and play with Google "Technically SEO friendly website". The web portal is not SEO friendly (I hope you understand this term).

An SEO friendly website is what qualifies for Google guidelines in terms of technical development. We will have to focus on these things:


We will need a system to EDIT Meta tags on each and every page


Current URLs are not SEO friendly, there is a big hope that SEO Friendly URLs are very popular in search engines, we can keep keywords and get higher on competitors...

Like computer category has the URL like:




The main problem of this kind of portals is indexing, search engines come on website and they are unable to index whole website due to complex interlinking. The current drop down menu is built in JAVA SCRIPT; search engines are unable to read java script so they can't index the website.

We have to provide guidelines to search engines so they can easily crawl and index website, like links in footer, links in content, recommended links etc. (a major point of on page optimization).

Also, we will make sure to make full use of GOOGLE SITEMAP (tells Google which URLs are new, are which URLs are old). We will need a dynamic Google Sitemap otherwise i will spend all my time on it :)


As i said earlier, we have to produce 7 time more work than a normal website to achieve traffic. Link building is most important external part of OFF PAGE OPTIMIZATION. we have got high PR and quality links for dubai and worldwide. So you don't worry about it.

Article submissions
Link exchanges
Directory submissions
Forum postings
High PR links
Social media contributions
Do follow linkings

I hope you liked this one!!!

Please share your ideas here in comments, please take 5 minutes...

Are you noticing huge crises in your traffic sales less searches in advertising and search results
2009-04-15 20:39:02

The whole world is currently affected due to the crises and recession in each and every field. I have been noticing a fall down everywhere in my client's search engine's traffic. This recession has specially affected US and UK customers who are feeling this heat. They are avoiding unnecessary expenditures, fun times, tourism, spending money, keeping money in banks. Similarly, peoples are avoiding searching or shopping now a days.

This is only a prediction but when I researched on it, I found some interesting facts which I am sharing here: Rimm-Kaufman posted data which is a summary showing people are avoiding searching for products and services to purchase, leading to fewer sales, which is also impacting the whole PPC campaigns and budgets. Yes! This is all related to this global recession.

• Approximately 20% reduction in sales from search ads from last year
• Approximately 20% reduction in his costs from search ads from last year
• The average order value from search ads dropped 10% from last year
• The conversion rate from search ads seemed to remain stable from last year
• There may be more competition in the space, but hard to prove

I know you are a SEO expert or beginner reading this post. And, of couse, running your own clients. If you are noticing a fall down in traffic, please take part here and let us know if less people are searching and clicking on your ads.

Categories and Levels for SEOs in Karachi Think more SEO Think Bigger
2008-08-02 07:59:54

Another Post Especially for Junior SEOs in Karachi, Pakistan My dearest and dearest SEOs from Karachi, Pakistan or any other part of the world! Please I need your time especially for you.J Is this necessary to always wear a HAT either BLACK or WHITE…

When you are planning our future as junior SEO, you also think about learning something which could enhance your abilities, your experience, your skills and your value. There are 100s of other things which we already know play a vital role in enhancing search results in Google, Yahoo or Msn. Today, I want to be some different than a traditional SEO. Nah, today we will think different…

SEO is a part of internet marketing, if there would not be Google, Yahoo, and Msn…?

Who would have cared of them, but unfortunately we always stick to the knowledge what we have. We don’t try to learn different. I have updated few links in the right side of my Blog; you can now see some of the Top Super Stars of search engine industry. Google’s Employees, Yahoo Employees and Microsoft Employees, i will market them later, but currently its about learning something that is not SEO but necessary for an SEO.

What SEO needs to know? I think there are three levels of SEOs.

First Level: Basics
Second Level: All-rounder
Third Level: True Marketers

First Level: Basics In this level, a guy understands the basics of search engine optimization and starts thinking about getting top in the search results by optimizing the following components: Keyword Density Content Optimization SEO Friendliness of Website Pros and Cons Code Links etc. This has been again and again studied and are basics for someone looking to learn SEO.

Second Level: All-rounder There are guys who have had problems in understanding the online articles. The problem is that everything is linked on the internet, and they need professionals to teach them. Most of the time, they read whole but don’t understand the purpose. Similarly, if you don’t know what’s harming your web presence, you will never find out solutions..

Designing Abilities You must spend your time to improve your design scanning skills. You need an eye which can scan the website design for both SEO friendliness and user friendliness, if you can catch up with color theme, the quantity of images, text, content and links you are very near to be a Guru. You must know the right placements of your website content to interact visitors into paying customers.

Development Abilities You can improve your programming skills in the leisure time. Web development has always been one of the very critical parts of businesses. Database structure Fast indexing inside databases Possibilities and Difficulties of particular mark up languages Specific application development Software development Search Function on the website Login hassles and various other web features… If you are a true SEO Guru, you will encounter these problems and solve them in to your company’s favor, this is another good example of pro active SEOs.

Third Level: True Marketers Think what if there are no search engines? Think what if one banner advertisement provides you with more clicks than Google itself? Think what if the main source of your referrals is email? You have good quantity of traffic. But what when the most of the traffic comes from USA (where you don’t deal)? A popoular local London website can give you with more relevant and targeted traffic than you will imagine from Google. True Traffic! True hunt! Hmm, at this level, gurus have responsibilities to promote and market the company. Remember, if you rely on one of those search engines you are mistaken. There is still so much on the web which is waiting for you: Banner Advertisement Classified Advertisement Article Publishing Rss Marketing Blog Marketing Forum Marketing Link Network Recommended Links Paid Advertisements It all works, you have to analyze the audience before you invest money. This is more effective than the traffic you have from search engines. It’s fishing where the fishes are! Well the purpose of this post was only to let you guys know, that we have developed a wrong concept that high rankings are enough.. High rankings don’t increase sales High traffic don’t increase sales its your testing and testing, experience and experience, insights of web and other knowledge which enables you to decide on the right time. And on the right track…

Think marketing. Feel marketing.

Don’t forget penalized by Google encountering Spam
2006-07-05 05:26:30

Looks very light question but it does have immense bad affects on your online business sales, Not appearing in Google results for the competitive terms related to your business is some way appearing no where on the web. Missing a lot of buzz of those searching you seriously… Well, that was the right definition of how badly wrong or deceived techniques could affect your business, SPAM TECHNIQUES are not going to be appreciated by any search engine. Search engines are very intelligent they keep updating their algorithms to catch those cheating them through spam techniques. Daily we see new people complaining in search engine optimization forums that their websites have been banned by Google and they "have no idea why".

These people claim they've done nothing wrong and are absolutely clueless as to why their site is no longer In Google? Factors NOT to follow when optimizing your web site: You are banned! How to confirm you’ve been banned? People often realize they’ve been banned looking at their current rankings, when practically they are just few results dropped in the rankings and can’t find their website.

There are few methods you can implement:

1. See Google toolbar.
2. Check Google’s search results

See Google Toolbar. If you have already installed Google Toolbar then simply visit your website. If the Google toolbar is completely gray, this means you have been banned by Google. Another successfully utilized way to know if you have been banned is: Check

Google's search results. Go to Google and place your exact URL into Google's search box and click "search" Note that Google says there is no information available for this URL? This means that the URL is no longer in Google's database.If you enter a brand new website into Google, you'll always get this message until the website has been crawled.

But, here, our website has been banned by Google for some reason. So what exactly SPAM TECHNIQUE is? There is not only a single SPAM TECHNIQUE there are many ONPAGE ranking factors and OFFPAGE ranking factors that can cause Google to ban a website. Still when this is so unveiled many webmasters don’t mind applying them. They DO NOT help your rankings and is simply a waste of time, so don't try them. Sooner or later Google will Catch up to these websites and will remove them.

Some of the ONPAGE SPAM TECHNIQUES can be explained within:

Hidden Text As by its name HIDDEN TEXT is hidden among the content or placed anywhere upper or downer position that is not readable by visitors. Some webmasters will do this so that they can add keywords throughout their webpage without it interfering with what the visitors actually see(placing too many keywords could disturb the visitor as we have to bound us in limits when writing copy), the search engines can still see hidden text. For example, let's say you have a blue background on your website. If you wanted to hide text, you would simply make the color of your text blue and users couldn't see it (search engine reads/crawls the source of the website not the display as users experience) Another technique is to HIDE TEXT behind an image so on. These techniques are very useful unless search engine catches and bans you. Lets see this example

It doesn't look Spam but you would be wondered watching this one...Just prest Ctrl+A and see

See how professionally they've exploited HIDDEN TEXT technique : ) Alt image tag spamming This is another way that people will try to stuff keywords into their website, allowing search engines to see their keywords, but not allowing visitors to notice any difference in their website. Logically “Alt Image Tag” is some sort of hint for those who doesn’t let the browser display images due to some problems and could see the hint to be informed, graphic is not loaded due to heave images or flash animation or cursing mouse over an image displays its original description and often used for blind people. But Stuffing keywords and overdoing your efforts would no longer be appreciated at all, you must use ALT IMAGE TAG comprehensively considering OPTIMIZED level of both keywords and benefits.

Meta Tag Stuffing

What I'm referring to here is when people throw in thousands of the same exact keyword into their meta tags. For example, a website is trying to rank well for

<META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="computers, COMPUTERS, Computers, computers computers computer supplies, computers, computers computer, computer, Computers, COMPUTERS, computers, Computers, computers, COMPUTERS, Computers, computers computer computer supplies, computers, computers computer, computer, Computers, COMPUTERS, computers, Computers, computers,COMPUTERS, Computers, computers computers computer supplies, computers, computers computer, computer, Computer, COMPUTER, computers, Computers, computers, COMPUTERS, Computers, computers computers computer supplies, computers, computers computer, computer, Computer, COMPUTERS, computers, Computers, computers, COMPUTERS, Computers, computers computers computer supplies, computers, computers computer, computer, Computers, COMPUTERS, computers, Computers">

This is absolutely bizarre. It WILL NOT help you dart higher in search results while Google doesn't use Meta Tags when ranking websites. Google WILL surely penalize it, why would someone do anything silly like this? Plz stay away from it. Title Tag Stuffing The title appears on the top left corner of the webpage in blue background. Lets see an example of Title Tag Stuffing.

<title>Computers, cheap computers, Best Computers, COMPUTERS, affordable computers, discount computers, computers parts for computers</title>

Stay away doing this, you must include your keyword once in the title. Anymore than 1 time will only weaken the effect, and if you overdo it as shown above, you may get banned. These are few ONPAGE SPAM TECHNIQUES that people keen to do online. These things WILL eventually get your website banned and WILL NOT help you rank well.

It's just a waste of time and effort, plus ask yourself why applying those strategies that doesn’t work and will get your website banned from the search engines? Although in some cases organization let their websites optimize through third party search engine optimization companies or individuals, if they are doing anything from the following then you must take care of your online business marketing plan.

“Don’t Get Your Website Banned... By Accident!"

Google wins because of it's greatest research
2009-05-12 20:55:05

Google is the pioneer company in search industry right now. This is not only a perception, this is true. They have been successful in providing easy to use, searcher oriented technology which we all admire today. There are many other fields in which Google still struggling to beat Microsoft and Yahoo (such as Windows Operating System and Internet Explorer from Microsoft - Messanger, chat, shopping and B2B search from Yahoo).

I love search industry and this is my field so i would focus on it. Also, Google advertising channels "Google Adwords and Adsense" are the hottest in the world. Google first time introduced "Pay per Click Advertisement" and it became a huge success that Yahoo and Msn had to follow them. This is all possible because people started loving and using Google more than any search platform due to it's usability. What they have got!! ALL MASTERMIND WINNERS...

They have no time to lose, but RESEARCH... GOOGLE RESEARCH is what stands alone on Yahoo and Msn. This is a great place... You will find Google Engineers, Google researchers, Google policies, Google Codes, Google Labs and more interesting things on this link: DON'T MISS TO VISIT IT


More traffic = more money It's simple math
2008-12-03 09:11:36

Keep it to yourself.

If you generate an income online (or plan to soon),one thing is for sure.

===> You need traffic

More traffic = more money It's simple math.

The challenge we all face is, how to get more traffic. With the fierce competition using pay-per-click advertising, it's tough to get direct heap traffic anymore. And getting natural (organic) search engine traffic isn't easy either.

Once gain, competition is cut-throat. Also, when you factor in link building, social marketing, video marketing... all this adds up to 2-3 weeks of grunt work before you even see a glimmer of results. Rather than spend *more* time away from your friends and family (chained to the computer) trying to generate traffic....

What if I could show you how to get *other* people to do all this work for you... ... Get thousands of online customers to talk about your website(s), send you traffic 24/7, and give you niche-specific quality back links, and promote your sites throughout the top social media sites and many more. Imagine how much more successful you *could* be by having this kind of leverage through an army of people helping you dominate the search engines. (... and no, I am *not* talking about outsourcing here or using some auto-robot software.

This is way, way more powerful. Plus it's completely Google friendly) Aren't you a tad curious about what I am talking about here? I am opening the doors to a service that has been under the radar for several months. Actually, it's more of an under-the-radar army than anything. This is the first time you'll be able to grab the “FREE SEM Feasibility Report“ by emailing your website URL to

For further details...

I think you'll be excited about what we have got for you.

How long do you take to optimize a Web Site
2009-01-29 09:27:36

Since SEO Industry is becoming popular within Karachi, Pakistan...? Lots of business and website owners have much to ask from SEO Consultants and Experts in Karachi, Pakistan. They have many questions and successful experts answer all of their concerns and fears in hiring you as SEO consultant specialist.

One question which is asked most often is “How long do you take to optimize a website and get top search engines ranking which I am hoping for”?

New SEOs in Karachi Pakistan (relevantly new to the industry) commits like they have an ALADIN or personal relations with Google engineers and programmers…

They say I am going to take 1 month, 2 months, 3 months etc… Well, that depends… GUYS it depends on several things, including the kind of website you are optimizing, the search engines you are targeting, the competition you are challenging, competitiveness of the keywords and your level of monitoring the ongoing tasks and their effects on search engine rankings, it depends on how much time you are going to surf on researching the industry and competition into the optimization process.

At the elementary level, you may select two or three keywords for your website’s home page, plug those keywords in Meta tags, Title tag and body text then submit your website to top search engines and wait for the traffic to come. You can surely do this in less than one hour. However, such a limited effort is not going to do anything in terms of generating traffic boost. A highly targeted and focused SEO campaign requires time dedication, experience, goal settings and most probably the patience. The keyword research should be based on comprehensive analysis of strong and weak keywords.

SEO optimized copy writing and continuous link building, as well monitoring the assessment of the outcome of the campaign. Honestly speaking, you should creatively and patently develop your website, rather than rushing things and tasks to the process. The end results are based on the time you spend understanding the industry and link building. No one can bring top search engine ranking within nights. The good understanding with Googlebot and interaction with the search engine algorithms are very necessary.

The competition makes successful search engine optimization challenging, time-consuming and, most of the times frustrating. Sometimes, it can take several months before you see good changes in search results. If your website is NEW… you are going to face the issues of “sandboxing” (keeping your site out of Google’s top rankings for as much as six months period). Google examines the site’s trust and links by keeping it to the separate database of new websites called SANDBOX. In the meantime, Google deliberately keep NEW sites away reaching high rankings in its index.

You may seek out quality and relevant links and keep patience .. In the end, you must keep in mind that you are optimizing your website FOREVER (not for one time). Why hiring inexperienced guys who can take risks and get your website BAN by Google or involve in SPAM TECHNIQUES. A perfectly-optimized website will not grab immediate results Time Period to make good understanding with Google Bot Search engine robots visit the website on the frequency of updates and good SEO changes and rank pages. We are going to make this process fast…

Robot Activity Normal Period to Visit a Website = Weekly, or Once in two weeks Normal Period to Rank Pages = 25 – 35 days Goal Settings If we are able to make critical changes in the 1st month. We are going to get good change from the second month and then boost from the 4th month. Lets say:

1st Month Total Visits = 100
2nd Month Total Visits = 150
3rd Month Total Visits = 200
4th Month Total Visits = 220
5th Month Total Visits = 250 (The continuous good understanding with Google Bot, Quality
6th Month Total Visits = 500 Linking, PR improvement, Trust Rank improvement)
7th Month Total Visits = 550
8th Month Total Visits = 600
9th Month Total Visits = 700
10th Month Total Visits = 800
11th Month Total Visits = 900
12th Month Total Visits = 1000 with the patience and the right approach, the search engine rankings will eventually materialize, and the traffic will come to your website.


Make Your Website a Lead Generating Machine
2009-06-16 05:44:41

Everybody knows one-sided relationships never work. The same is true with websites. If a website is focused entirely upon you, you will lose any visitors that may stumble across it. On the other hand, a website done correctly (one that focuses on the visitor) can easily become a lead generation machine! When designing your website, think about these four ideas:

• People are egocentric. Subconsciously they're viewing your website and thinking, "There's tons of companies just like you. What are you going to do for me?"
• People love being entertained. If they believe your website is providing interesting information, you'll have them hooked.
• People want their opinions valued. This is why most companies have incorporated a blog or forums-so their customers can put in their two cents.
• And this is the ticket for generating leads for your business: visitors want to do something.

Give your visitors something to do. Give them something free to download. Offer a free report or whitepaper. Ask for their opinion on a blog entry. Do something, anything, and once the person responds, you "Require" the following information: name, address, phone number, and email. Guess what you just got? A qualified lead. Qualified because they stayed on your site long enough to take action.

New Year Happenings in Search Industry
2009-01-09 07:05:50

Most peoples in Pakistan, Karachi are not aware of most of the new happenings in Search Industry… You know there is always an update available, nothing stops… You follow one algorithm today but it can update tomorrow and leaving you alone with your old strategies. There are some Good News which I want to share here:

YouTube Growing Up, Google Owns Ad Serving Market & More It wasn’t too long ago that YouTube was mostly a haven for the video expressions of teens and young adults; popular clips often showed skateboard crashes, air guitar contests, and bedroom renditions of Numa Numa. But now, as the site continues to grow in popularity, it seems YouTube is finally turning into a serious business and money-making platform. First, let’s talk about growth. TechCrunch reports on new ComScore numbers that show YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google; it gets more searches than Yahoo and accounts for more than 25% of Google’s search queries.

Small Businesses Will Spend on Advertising in '09 Ad-ology has released some results from a Small Business Marketing Outlook survey it conducted, which found that in 2009, over a fourth of small business owners plan to spend more on advertising. Another 60% plan to spend about the same as they did this year. Somewhat surprisingly, most businesses (83%) expect sales to either be up or about the same as 2008 in the new year. In fact, only 25% said they were fearful about the current economic situation. As far as marketing strategies, small business advertisers intend to spend more or the same as this year on: - online advertising (69%) - Yello Pages (54%) - Newspapers (51%) - Direct Mail (51%)

Email Marketing at Its Best Yes, it's still one the most effective marketing methods It is interesting that even with alternative marketing tools such as Twitter, Instant Messaging, and Face book, email marketing is still holding strong. In 2008, the Digital Marketing Association estimated that every $1.00 spent on email marketing brought $45.00 in return.

Small Businesses Missing Out on Search Marketing Opportunities Many Do Nothing to Enhance Online Presence Microsoft adCenter released the results of a survey today looking at search marketing behaviors of 400 small business owners in the United States. The findings indicate that small businesses still have a long way to go when it comes to Internet marketing. Most have sites, but don't do anything to enhance their online presence. 90% of those surveyed have never even attempted a paid search campaign.

SEO in This Economy I was researching a different article this morning, and stumbled across this one from the beginning of the year written by Lee Odden of Top Rank Online Marketing in which he references another article in Target Marketing Magazine. The article for being written nearly a year ago, seems strangley even more appropriate now than when it was written. Anyhow, the article deals with

SEO tips for hard economic times, which obviously we are smack-dab in the middle of currently, and Lee highlights the following key tips - Create a Content Promotion Plan - Make It Easy to Publish and Promote New Content - “Get” Social Media - Unify Your Efforts With Universal Search After going through these tips, the article seems strangely even more timely condidering all of the talk about "getting" social media that has resonated in recent memory, as well as the rise of universal search, which has also been a hot topic of discussion as we head into a new year full of wonder and anticipation surrounding how the search industry will change.

Google & Baidu Fail China’s Pornography Test, May Lead To Penalties The Associated Press reports that China has begun a process to “purify the Internet’s cultural environment and protect the healthy development of minors.” This has resulted in the Chinese government finding that both Google and Baidu have failed to take “efficient” actions to remove content from their results after being notified of issues. The AP added that China said violators will be “severely punished,” but did not say how they might be punished. Cui Jin, a Google spokeswoman in China, told the AP that Google does not have any pornographic content in Google China and added, “if we find any violation, we will take action. So far, I haven’t seen any examples of violations.”

Google Timeline Experiment Seen In Main Search Results Google’s “timeline view,” which was previously only available as an opt-in experiment in Google Labs, is now being seen on some queries in the main search results. Todd Mintz tipped us to the query ["book of revelation"], which shows the timeline results pictured above at the bottom of the first page. The timeline can also be seen on queries such as [Thomas Jefferson] and [Albert Einstein]. Clicking the “More timeline results” in the main search results leads to a page with much more historical data about your query that Google says comes from their News Archive search service:

Google in push to gain e-mail market share Google, the clear leader in internet search, has been zeroing in on user’s inboxes in a push to win market share in e-mail, an area where its rivals Microsoft and Yahoo still dominate. Gmail, its web-based e-mail product, has become a development focus for the Silicon Valley company, with a stream of innovations leading to its promotion by influential early adopters. With links to Google Docs, Calendar and other web-based services, Google appears to be making Gmail the centre of an online productivity suite that could eventually challenge the dominance of Microsoft’s Office collection of programs.

Google Finally Brings Picasa To The Mac Google announced the now have Picasa for Mac available for download. Why now? Well, MacWorld 2009 is currently underway - so that is why they released it this week. What took so long for Google to bring Picasa to the Mac? I am not sure. Google had a Picasa Web Albums uploader and an iPhoto plugin for Mac users but never the application. The Wired Blog has a nice walk through the of many features available in Picasa. Below I will also embed a video demonstration of Picasa for Mac.

Thinking of building a fresh website or re-working a current one?
2009-10-22 19:35:02

If you are at the moment thinking about a new internet site and you would like big visitor numbers for the site then now is the right time to adopt the services of a search engine optimization company. The services provided by some of this organization are necessary if organizations are to validate the time, effort and cost that will be invested in a new site.

Depending on the difficulty of the website that is about to be composed or re-worked your spend could rather easily reach the thousands of pounds mark. If the goal is that the site brings new customers, leads and business then it could be the best designed site in the world but if possible customers don’t get to see it, it’s useless. This is where the Search Engine Optimization Company comes in.

though more expenditure at this time may not be great it is absolutely crucial if any investment is going to create results. You could have the best appealing website in your industry but if customers do not see it appear on page one of their searches results all the effort has been in futile. Your competitors will be occupying the coveted positions one to ten and the customer will definitely find what he is looking for among them, meaning that your expenditure in your new website has been wasted.

If you employ with the Search Engine Optimization Company at this early juncture they will be able to steer you and your web designer down the best possible path to make certain that your site is obvious to the search engines. Whilst this input without help rarely means that you will achieve page 1 search engine positioning without additional action, it can radically cut down the amount of money you will need to spend on Online Marketing once the site is live.

Once the site itself has been optimized to its up most the Search Engine Optimization Company will then support the site using a variety of strategies to make certain that the required Search Engine Placement is attained, i.e. page one of the search results. They can then continue to hold you on that page with regular online PR for an indefinite period.

It is possible toban existing website but if this has not been constructed with optimization in mind then the issue is more time consuming and therefore costly. Nevertheless if the existing site already has a valuable number of returning buyers and a reasonable Search Engine Placement already it might be better to work with what you have. Either way employ with them as soon as you can.

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