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Link Building


2008-01-28 05:45:11

Directory submission is the easiest way to grab some good quality one way links to boost page rank and gain some niche visitors. Here are some tips to gain the maximum from the directory submission.

1. Anchor Text or Title– this is most valuable part of the incoming link in respect to search engines and regular visitors. The anchor text must contain keywords or key phrases but at the same time it should not be stuffed with them. You can always mix secondary key phrases with the primary one. For example, if my primary key phrase is directory submission services and related secondary key phrases are Manual Directory Submission and submit website, I would like to write the anchor text as a) Manual Directory Submission Services – Submit your website to niche directories (if such a long sentence is supported). b) Manual website submission to niche directories.

2. Description- The description part of a link is also important both from visitor's and search engine's point of view. If you go through some link directories, you will find that the description parts are no better then a sales speech. Good directories will not allow promotional descriptions. A good description should try to explain the anchor text or should focus on the objective in a state of the art manner. At present, major search engines like Google are looking for related content near the link. It is not enough to have keywords in the anchor text alone; the description part should have secondary key phrases and related words in it. However, if you have other options, do not go for lonely links. And always remember that anchor text is as good as its surrounding text.

3. Number of links in that page – How many links does that page have? If the number of links in that page is more than 10, you should not expect much help. But as we always say, every little bit counts in SEO.

4. Proper category – Find out if that directory has proper category and subcategory to submit your site. Some directories may allow you to suggest a suitable category; otherwise you may leave that one.

5. Quality of other links – Before submitting your link to any directory, guess the possible page from where you may get a link. Now, look for other out going links from that page. If other outgoing links point to some great sites, you should select that page for submission irrespective of the number.

6. Directory submission per day – Do not submit to more then 20 directories per day from the same IP address.

7. Manual submission – Do not go for automated submission – it is always safe to manually submit your site in the best directories.

8. Cached pages – Look if the sub pages (and sub category pages) are cached by search engines or not.

9. Supplementary Index – Do a Google site search to find out if some pages of that directory are in the supplemental index or not.

10. Blank pages – Find out if some sub category or category pages are empty or not. Directories with "Under construction" or "Empty pages" are not good for your site's health.

11. Meta Attributes - Look for "noindex" or "nofollow" attributes in Meta Description along with Java Script links – they do not pass PR juice. These are some of the primary conditions that you should follow before directory submission. There are other important parameters like c class, IP check and others to get the maximum benefit from directory links. You can contact a good SEO company for proper submission services. Last but not the least – do not submit same anchor text and description in more then two directories. Use separate anchor text and description for different submission.

2006-10-10 04:40:30

You mostly come across to read these sorts of sentences while surfing the web…


Blah blah…

Has someone of you experienced as such what sort of service do the provide? Do they really submit in over 20000 search engines or 15000 directories? Sure, there are millions of bulk directories online.

They might be right in the sense of getting thousands of bulk links for you via automated submission for a heavy cost. The question is simple! If you have already submitted your website in essential/popular directories why do you hassle to submit your site in another 15000 directories being aware they will not forward any sort of quality traffic for you? No doubt it is a quick links strategy but not beneficial in any ways, on the other hand it can be over optimization in the sense that those websites are made for the lone purpose of getting a site linked because you have paid for their service. I always love quality traffic to my website not the garbage.

Hey! Now I tell you in short what I do when I need to get quick links in no time BUT remember… they are beneficial for my website in some ways.

COMPANY BLOG A Blog is a free hosted page as you know very well. You write there and it’s a well focused unit where you can share your company policies, ideas, solutions etc. and forward the quality traffic to your website. I tell you how… You own a company, why not having a Blog? Communicating with your customer’s problems, announcing the company news or issues, announcing new products, sharing future plan and all what you customers need.

Go to any of the following , , , sign up for a free Blog and simply get started. You will be thinking but where the heck that traffic will come from? Remember first of all keep your URL (LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE) in between the content somewhere with your article/copy. Now submit your Blog to Blog directories, Blog search engines... You don’t know what you have done is got a link from all those Blog search engines and directories to your Blog and website. If someone comes to your Blog you forward him to your website and if they already go to your website... Well that’s brilliant isn’t it? In this way you are also marketing your firm via a free hosted space where you announce every bit of information regarding your company that is called mouth marketing/viral marketing.

RSS FEED RSS means to (Really Simple Syndication), it is made in XML. People who don’t want to visit their favorite website daily subscribe RSS of their favorite website in their local RSS reader. You must create one for you and submit that to search engines. It also helps your visitors trust your company more than they already do plus you also get a link.

FORUMS Since Web 2.0 has arrived knowledge sharing has become the most important part for internet surfers. Today there are forums for every industry, let’s say if you have a computer related web site you can easily find hundreds of forums where people discuss their needs regarding computers or looking to solve their issues occurring in their computer. You should also create dummy IDs with different names and start participating within the discussion. Sometime recommend your company as a reliable computer retailer among your local retailers or sometime simply use your URL in your signature.

ARTICLES Most simple and fast prospect of getting links these days. Write an article, put your URL in between that (as an active link) and start submitting in the free content publisher’s website. They will publish your article and you will get a link in no cost.

PRESS RELEASE You are running an online business, there will be some news either more important or less, write a press release like big players do. What you have to do is to take care of few issues I am describing here: Press release should be about your organization, product, service or event Start strong with a strong heading to capture the attention.

Try making it timely keep it concise (!) Point is the enemy for you Having written a press release submit that to News submission web site GOOGLE NEWS, YAHOO NEWS etc. and again you have got trust and maturity online in the sense that you are serious regarding your business and are always there to help your customers to provide quality service.

2006-08-07 09:49:24

Sssshhh. don’t tell anyone what I am going to tell you!

We are to build link popularity of our website for two main objectives

1- To get relevant traffic from the online stops. 2- To get higher rankings in search engine to get traffic from them.

Link building is the process that needs lots of hard work, I don’t think there are webmasters love this operation a lot, and for good reason: It involves some serious search and hard work. You need to save your time and money according to your limited budget.

Links, Links, Links…. It’s not just all about getting scores of link from any website providing one way links to your web site. There is a formula and you must remember it


If you keep getting one way links from different resources and they are not relevant as per your business industry or not qualitative such as FFA links then you are just not more than wasting your precious time continuously keeping an eye on those irrelevant resources. Only a RELEVANT link may be equitant to 100 IRRELEVANT links, Effective link building strategy is only to get the links that are good in terms of relevancy. I am going to talk a bit about the techniques you can use to get more links to your website. There’s nothing so technical about them; they just involve some work, but they all pay off in terms of targeted traffic. In fact from 2 goals it should be the prime goal of your link building campaign.

INBOUND/ONE WAY LINKS to build targeted traffic.

When the goal is to get only the relevant link you must consider the nature of your web site: If you sell some products than some comparison engines and shopping directories can be fit along with your web site promotion.


There are hundreds of directories provides completely free registration, although you would have to search for those directories and collect your comprehensive database to submit your website in directories, To do it search in Google or Yahoo and start collecting your database…

Visit the site > Select the category > Submit information > done

PR of the directory is something to consider when submitting the website in that, and focus on the selection of the category such as:

If you are computer retailers (sell computer, parts, laptops) you may find 2 or 3 options in free directories, ”Home>Computers>Hardware>Components” ”Home>Computers>Systems>Desktop” “Home>Computers>Region>UK>Retailers”

To me the third one “Home>Computers>Region>UK>Retailers” is what I count as Relevant Link coz it not only ranks me it also brings relevant traffic for my website, and always consider YAHOO DIRECTORY and OPEN DIRECTORY PROJECT as the important of all as they convert targeted traffic to your website.


If you are searching a high value link (let say a link from a PR 7 page), your PR is “0” and your site is brand new, here you can not get in through normal means. In this case, the offer involves money. Search the Paid Directories or portals, similarly Fill the form and pay for the link Or if not possible then E-mail them but this time be rather more direct to save your and their time. Some website charges a monthly fee, others charge a ‘per impression fee’, some charges yearly fee and some charges ‘per click fee’. Some time it is beneficial to avoid big guns YAHOO DIRECTORY etc and joins the smaller stuff but not every time

Don’t forget PR if smaller directories have PR7 and PR8 then go for these directories and submit your website, as sometime they provide gigantic amount of visitors at very fewer CTR.


The traditional way to get links is to directly contact link partners to link to your website. Before doing this all of the heck you must consider some factor relating link partner (Trust rank, Spam, PR, Relevancy, Traffic Rank etc.). It is damn difficult to search these sorts of “link partners”. The ideas is simple search through major search engines including Google or Yahoo for your target keywords, and then put top 50 to 100 in your consideration channel, evaluate their similarity to your niche and save their contact information.

Contact link partners and offer something with a link from your website. This creates question: What if they say No? Your offer must be decent and communication between you both should be complete through E-mail or Phone. Make approach, Organized, and select the idea to write convincingly (You may find samples online of successful link request emails) and it is something you learn with time. Well it is all reciprocal linking and Google has openly encountered it as Grey Hat technique in Jagger Update that can go Black Hat anytime, I strongly recommend avoiding such techniques and using one way links to boost your link building strength.

There is a lot to go in the next part 3 that would include:

Super fast link building strategies Brand awareness through link building Articles marketing and a lot more..

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