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Your website looks attractive, but no one comes to it…

SEO is a process to make good understanding with Google, Yahoo and Msn to gain the attention as compare to your competitors.

48% World Search through Google
26% World Search through Yahoo
11% World Search through MSN

In the fast changing online world your website requires constant up gradation to remain at the top. Our offshore, freelance SEO professionals work exclusively on your projects 8 hours daily, 5 days a week and report directly to you. They will be in real time touch with you through instant messenger, email and telephone during office hours on all week days. Daily updates incorporating all the details of your project are e-mailed to you everyday. The arrangements are so designed to give you the ease of having the employee in your own office. In fact, with our dedicated offshore employee options you have all the comforts of an within-the-office employee and none the hassles of it.

We have proven record of generating huge traffic to the mega organizations. The Unique Selling Point of our services is we are having SEO experts at lower overheads as compare to other services providers. You get your website optimized at very affordable price.

Every web project is unique and it could be spread through different markets and industries. So we customize our SEO proposal as per your websites requirement.

Search engine optimization and positioning is challenging at best. It’s not a simple matter of adding a few tags that contain your important keywords. It is an art-and a science-since it is applying creative techniques to an in-depth study of the search engines and directories.

The most valuable thing we can do, in terms of generating traffic, is to make a real effort to understand the clients business. Find out who their competition is, research their market sector, and ask questions. Most business people will appreciate us going the extra mile to truly understand them, and the issues they face.

"High rankings are great, but what do they mean to a business? We talked to Kuku Sa from Car Junction recently, and asked him, was he getting new business from the Internet? He was getting two to four new customers a week with his old website, and he's currently getting 20 to 50 new customers a week. That's a dramatic difference: he was nearly going bankrupt and was close to shutting up his online showroom, and now he has to hire a new staff".

For us, the ideal SEO client:

? Has reasonable expectations
? Runs a profitable business
? Does not compete in saturated markets
? Is already ranking, but not near as well as they should
? Has some knowledge about SEO already
? Is a known brand

To do List

• SE-friendly Content
• Keywords analysis
• Site Meta tags
• Web site uses frames
• Web site URL is not static
• Web site uses JavaScript code
• Web site uses Flash code
• Web site directory structure
• Web site serves dynamically generated pages
• Web site uses splash page
• Web site uses JavaScript, image maps, Flash and other multimedia techniques
• Website homepage Page Rank
• PR Juice forwarding
• Directories and search engine status
• Maintenance and Follow-up
• Performance Reports
• Monthly Ranking Reports
• Best methods of “Net Copywriting”
• Benchmark current traffic and search engine positioning
• Create Baseline Search engine visibility index
• Collection of new Keywords & Analysis
• Submission Cycle
• Link popularity building campaign

To do List

• Web Property Analysis
• Domain Age
• Hosting Server Analysis
• Keyword Research and Analysis to refine Strong and Weak Keywords
• Keyword Selection
• Keyword Coverage
• Ranking check on all keywords
• Google Sitemap Updation
• Website Structure Analysis, Reports and Necessary Implications
• Analysis and Implications for URL friendliness
• Title Tags Analysis
• Meta tags Analysis
• Alt tags Analysis
• Link Titles Analysis
• Code Validation and Optimization
• Off Page Java Script Implication
• Creative Linking and Placements (Footer Links)
• We will need an Email for Submission
• We will collect a Submission Details File
• Blog Development & Management
• Blog Maintenance
• Work on Blog Widgets, Design and Theme
• Solid Interlinking in Blog
• Keyword Relevancy Linking in Blog
• Page by Page Targeted Optimization
• Search Engine Friendly Scan
• Robots.txt implications
• Efficient Interlinking (in HTML)
• Regional Linking in HTML on Home Page
• Freshness of Pages
• Frequency of Updates
• Navigation Analysis and Optimized interlinking
• Image Optimization
• Testing and Troubleshooting
• Broken Links check
• Page loading time check
• IP and Server care
• Balance of Contents
• Additional Content based pages for Magazines, Custom Signage,
• Domain Purchasing (Keyword Related If Applicable)
• 301 Redirection from Old pages to new pages
• HTML Validation
• Pre-optimization Report
• Post-optimization Report
• Website Analysis and SEO Audit Report
• Browser Compatibility Report
• Content Writing
• Log File Analysis
• Orphan Pages Analysis
• Dedicated SEO Account Manager

To do List

• Collection of Quality Links
• No. of Quality / Relevant Links
• No. of Links on Linked Pages
• PR of Linked Pages
• Domain Age of Linked Pages
• Monitoring Stability and Performance of links

• Quality UAE Directories Research
• Account Registration at Directory Reception
• Directory Submission and Verifications

• Meta Search Engines Research
• Submissions

• One Way Link Building
• Two Way Link Building
• Three Way Link Building

• Link Exchanges (If Applicable)
• Coordination with competitors

• Competitors Analysis for Link Building
• Grabbing the quality resources where competitors linked
• Account Registration OR submissions

• Article Writing
• Article Resources Research
• Account Registration at Publishers
• Article Submissions

• Blog Creation
• Blog Submissions
• Tags Analysis
• Comments Analysis
• Polls
• Reviews

• Research Classified Resources for UK industry
• Account Registration
• Classified Ads Submissions

• Press release Research
• Press release writing
• Press release Submissions

• Highly quality Forums Research for UAE industry
• Membership Approval
• Signature Linking
• Viral Marketing
• Keyword Link Balancing

• RSS Creation
• RSS Popularity
• RSS Resources Research
• RSS Submissions

• Do Follow Blogs Linking
• Research for Track back Blogs
• Linking via comments

Social Media Marketing

Goal Settings and Achievements
Based on Possibilities

We are sure we are going to generate extra ordinary traffic to the website.

Time Period to make good understanding with Google Bot

Search engine robots visit the website on the frequency of updates and good SEO changes, then they rank pages

We are going to make this process fast…

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