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#1 SEO Outsourcing service Dubai at 00923213317911 Vast experience of Dubai internet marketing is here -
2009-06-24 15:30:08

Dubai (UAE), June 22, 2009 – Azhar Iqbal noted the growing Dubai internet marketing especially in the Dubai real estate, Dubai short term rentals, Dubai Apartments rentals, Dubai vacation apartments, Dubai tourism sectors etc. The recent clients for Dubai provided a value added ideas, thoughts, database of links, market understandings, seasons ups and downs and a great chance to improve revenue.

Few Dubai clients are:

Today, every second one is an SEO specialist J (Beware of those juniors, who treating as specialist SEOs for Dubai). The unique point is this service is different from other SEO service providers in Karachi, Pakistan. We believe in helping online businesses achieve their long term goals (Not just wasting time in stupid activities).

Azhar Iqbal has changed the entire luck of MEGA ORGANIZATIONS worldwide. He has got excellent business and analytical skills to manage him team produce excellent quality traffic. Azhar Iqbal runs to provide the following services:

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing
On Page / Off Page Optimization
PPC Management
Internet Marketing
Digital Marketing
Contract Based Banner Advertisement
Placement Targeted Banner Advertisement Online Creative Digital Marketing
Automated Solutions
Marketing Consultancy
Software Based Solutions
Advance Technology
B2B Portals Marketing & Sales
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Blog Editing
MSN Mail Marketing
YAHOO Mail Marketing

There are still businessmen who are missing SEO even their ONLINE WEBSITES… I want to tell them, that if you hire our SEO SERVICES for your business…

You might increase your sales up to 500%. We provide our services in not any currency… but you pay us in PAK RUPEES instead of BIG DOLLARS… MAGNAG is implementing Advance SEO solutions for Pakistan, Dubai, USA and UK based clients for 5 Years. Azhar Iqbal has worked for clients form around the world including UK, Dubai, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Vietnam, Germany and Pakistan. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: MAGNAG Technologies
Your Chance to Expand Business


Tel: 00923213317911
Address: Civil Aviation, Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan

SEO for Dubai Portal - A case study for Dubai Portal Optimization -
2009-07-02 09:09:58

Optimizing a big shopping portal is not that easy! it needs huge focus and technical skills to carry the shopping portal onto the right track. I have got a query about a SEO DUBAI SHOPPING PORTAL, the website is

I am sharing this post to deliver inside knowledge and get inside feedback from you guys.

I just paused the keyword analysis work on your website (as it’s a huge one) :). It’s a portal like WWW.AMAZON.COM.

___Keywords Analysis___

Usually, we select 10-15 keywords and target them for SEO strategy. Like they have only one product and that is computers. So, we could easily target computer related keywords.

For they have one product and that is vehicles, we targeted vehicles related keywords.

But, is a combination of huge variety of products. It means we have to vary keywords on category by category and target them to get high rankings.

First of all, i am sure you not only need an specialist SEO but a focused SEO as well for this kind of portal. This is not going to be easy for anyone saying i can promote in 2 months or 3 months etc.

Let's talk about the variety of products they have got! It’s a 7 time work required on this website and all done professionally and technically.

___Target Market___

Target market is ONLY DUBAI. Not world wide


Normally, we send ranking reports to our clients showing them how we are proceeding to the ranking list. However, for this web portal Dubai traffic matters not ranking. You will never know and you will receive traffic on variety of keywords which even I have not thought.


There will be not one but many competitors, competing on different terms. Let’s say TOP 10 on "buy computer Dubai" is totally different from "buy camera Dubai".

____Special Branding____

We will give "DUBAI" the special weight in SEO everywhere on the website. Like someone searching for "Dubai computers", "Cameras in Dubai" etc. could find our website. We will give it a branding touch rather than focusing only on results.

People should know and remember the name of

____Keywords ___

Keywords are going to play the top most part for this Dubai web portal. Keywords decide whether we are targeting the right path or wrong, if we make foolish things up in selecting keywords, we are goanna always find where we are and where we are going...

____Technicality and SEO Friendliness____

There is one way we can be strong and play with Google "Technically SEO friendly website". The web portal is not SEO friendly (I hope you understand this term).

An SEO friendly website is what qualifies for Google guidelines in terms of technical development. We will have to focus on these things:


We will need a system to EDIT Meta tags on each and every page


Current URLs are not SEO friendly, there is a big hope that SEO Friendly URLs are very popular in search engines, we can keep keywords and get higher on competitors...

Like computer category has the URL like:




The main problem of this kind of portals is indexing, search engines come on website and they are unable to index whole website due to complex interlinking. The current drop down menu is built in JAVA SCRIPT; search engines are unable to read java script so they can't index the website.

We have to provide guidelines to search engines so they can easily crawl and index website, like links in footer, links in content, recommended links etc. (a major point of on page optimization).

Also, we will make sure to make full use of GOOGLE SITEMAP (tells Google which URLs are new, are which URLs are old). We will need a dynamic Google Sitemap otherwise i will spend all my time on it :)


As i said earlier, we have to produce 7 time more work than a normal website to achieve traffic. Link building is most important external part of OFF PAGE OPTIMIZATION. we have got high PR and quality links for dubai and worldwide. So you don't worry about it.

Article submissions
Link exchanges
Directory submissions
Forum postings
High PR links
Social media contributions
Do follow linkings

I hope you liked this one!!!

Please share your ideas here in comments, please take 5 minutes...

2009-03-20 12:44:43

Recently I posted "Job Search Engines Pakistan, Dubai and Worldwide". The core purpose of this post was to educate those who are unaware of these search engines and think nowise when they try engaging with abroad recruitment opportunities... Interestingly, i got not one but three queries asking me


When I received these calls, it got me thinking and then I smiled... It's not bad people are contacting me for their Jobs, after all this is a reward for me if I can help someone get their job. But, I ended up forwarding to the same job search engines of Dubai, which I posted earlier. To know more about me and this blog, please be relaxed and get around the other posts on the page. ;)

ON THE OTHER HAND, IF YOU REALLY NEED AN AGENT, THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE Job seekers can set up job search agents on job sites so that they are automatically notified by e-mail when new job postings that match the criteria.

IT and SEO Industry in Dubai internet city is a great short cut to success for IT Professionals and Small Size Companies
2009-05-23 11:39:43

IT & SEO Industry in Dubai internet city is a great short cut to success for IT Professionals and Small Size Companies. Dubai Internet City is a strategic base for companies targeting emerging markets in a vast region extending from the Middle East to the Indian subcontinent, and Africa to the CIS countries. Infect, UK, USA and Australian market is in reach from Dubai.

Here is the video:

IT Professionals - Anyone from Pakistan can easily search their suited job, apply and be sponsered by companies in no money. You can find your dream job in dubai internet city. Do your home work and be ready to change your life. SEO Industry - SEO is one the most growing industry in Dubai, real estate in Dubai is one of hot industries and Dubai is the top place for tourism. Small Size Companies -

The most big advantage for small size companies to increase their reach to international. Hundreds of big companies are looking to acquire SEO, Web development services from Dubai internet city, if you have an office in Dubai internet city, it's your bonus point. Renting an office in Dubai internet city is the best option to convert your small size company into big size company and generate revenue in dollars, pounds and Durham.

Big companies worldwide like IBM, Sony Ericson, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Master Card, Dell, Oracle, 3 com, HP all have their head offices in Dubai internet city. Star your business development today in Dubai internet city; it's a best choice while you compare many destinations worldwide. Registration is one of the easiest process and your chance to expand your revenue.


* Software Development
* Business Services
* Ecommerce
* Consultancy
* Education/Training
* BPO/Back Office
* Telecommunications


* Smart buildings
* IP telephony
* Call centre solutions
* LAN/WAN Technologies
* Broadband Internet
* Leased Circuits
* VPN and WI-FI
* Frame relay and ATM hosting


* Temporary Offices
* Offline Services
* Free research data
* IT Telecom services
* Conference facilities
* Hassle free licensing
* Quick visa processing


Dubai internet city has very easy registration procedures as well as government support tax free income.

* 100% Ownership
* 100% Tax free
* Capital Mobility
* Easy Licensing
* Cyber Regulations
* Protection of IP It's your chance to expand your business..

A research of

IT Peoples SEOs and Web Designers are eyeing Dubai for their next destination
2009-05-21 16:10:27

Settling in dubai is not that hard these days, when you can spend around Rs. 8000 and call from sponsored company. Many IT guys, web designers, web developers, SEOs and professionals are eyeing Dubai is their next destination of work and making money. Multinational companies are not forwarding business to Pakistan due to the current operation and war situation in Pakistan. It has huge effects on IT industry here.

I have got a very informative article on dubai livings, lifestyle, economy etc. You better know few facts about Dubai before moving. I hope you will enjoy and learn from it. The article is taken from
Dubai in a Nutshell
As promised in the previous newsletter, here is a synopsis of Dubai as the best introduction to the Emirate for you.

This newsletter contains everything you must know about Dubai on the surface. Each topic can be researched in detail by following the links provided below. Keep this newsletter handy for reference at any time in the future. we go The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is made of seven emirates. Dubai (pronounced "dubaiy" in Arabic) is the most popular emirate mainly because of Dubai City. Research suggests that its name could have been derived from the work "Daba" which means "to creep". Researches have correlated this as a reference to the flow of the Dubai Creek (I actually knew this from somewhere!) Dubai is the most popular Emirate and the second largest in land mass (of course just wait until man made islands are built all over the sea). The UAE was formed in 1971. Each Emirate already existed long before that (just like how the independent states came together to form the United States of America). Each Emirate has the authority to establish local / civil law however they all share the same political, legal and military system. Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, has the ultimate decision making power that can override any Emirates' decision. You will hear us refer to Dubai City as Dubai in short. Just keep in mind that we are referring to the City of Dubai.

The Dubai Government is not a monarchy, aristocracy, democracy or communist. Rather it's a hybrid of a few types that mesh into the "Sheikdom" ( kingdom of Sheikhs) that rules the Emirate. Since 1833, one royal Sheikh family has ruled Dubai, the Al Maktoum Dynasty. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ("bin" Rashid means the son of Rashid) is the current "ruler" of Dubai. He is also the Prime Minister and Vice President of the entire UAE.

Dubai Economy I used to think Dubai got rich because it had all the oil in the world. Makes sense doesn't it? Actually, contrary to popular belief (most think every Middle Eastern jurisdiction is rich in oil), the Dubai economy is driven by trade, tourism, manufacturing and financial services - not oil. In fact, Dubai is known to have fewer than 2% of the world's oil supply (relatively low to other Middle Eastern jurisdictions and popular belief). Less than 10% of Dubai's economy is generated from oil and natural gas revenues!

Climate of Dubai The climate in Dubai City is warm to generalize. It gets real hot (I mean REAL HOT) and often humid. It's common for the temperature to be over 100°F. It's desert after all! There is very little rain usually in January, February and March. It is usually very light (occasionally you will see heavy rain in the winter). You don't have to worry about rain storms in Dubai. You have other kinds of storms - Sand Storms! I've been in Dubai City both during summer and winter. There is a significant difference in the climate and day to day weather. I definitely prefer winters better as temperatures are ideal to do just about anything. It can get unbearable in the summer months. Every time I exit of out the car or the house, I find my glasses all fogged up because of the heat and humidity.

Culture of Dubai Dubai City culture is very diverse. Only 10% or so of Dubai is comprised on Dubai Nationals (Citizens of Dubai). The rest are mostly immigrants who are working in Dubai. The biggest immigrant population is from India, followed closely by Pakistan and Iran. A big wave of Europeans and Americans has also flooded Dubai since 2001 mainly for career reasons. Sounds like America don't it? It's quite surprising to observe the diversity in Dubai. When I go there, it doesn't feel like I am away from home, except only the buildings and physical surroundings look somewhat different. Pretty soon those will look the same as well! Many festivals are celebrated in Dubai City.

The Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises are two of the more popular ones that attract over 4 million visitors and bring in over $1B in revenues. Large shopping malls and markets are also common in Dubai. The Government there is always looking to make the next biggest "whatever" in the world. An of course, no discussion on the culture of Dubai would be complete without mentioning tourism and the Dubai nightlife. Dubai is very well known around the world for its tourism industry and nightlife.

Dubai Media Media in Dubai is an interesting topic. You will always hear that Dubai is one of the safest places on Earth. But how true is that? Personally, I think the perception is maintained because wrongdoings aren't as widely published as say it would in the USA. Why? Because Dubai isn't really a Democracy. There is no free speech, free action or free voice. This is my opinion of course and many share it. I will discuss this in more detail in a dedicated Dubai Media section. Generally though Dubai City has all the media avenues you will find in the USA (print type, TV, radio and Internet) Dubai TV is also quite broad now that cable is predominant in every household. Most well known news companies are broadcasted on Dubai TV like anywhere else in the world.

Dubai Transportation Public transportation in Dubai City is more than abundant. Taxis and buses are everywhere. The biggest train system in the world is also being constructed (Dubai Metro) and is scheduled to be completed sometime in 2009. The Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the main hub for world renowned Emirates Airline, which services the Dubai and the other Emirates in the country. The city is building a second airport scheduled to be completed post 2009 as well. This airport will service the Emirates airline only and will be the world's biggest airport. It's Dubai after all and it has to have the largest of everything! With all that said, my favorite ride is the "Abra". The Abra is also called a water taxi and it's most commonly used to cross the river. I use it often to cross the Dubai river to go from Dubai to Deira and back. I also like taking the Abra from land to enjoy dinner on an island occasionally.

Schools in Dubai Dubai City schools are run by the Ministry of Education (more on this in the link below). There are both public and private schools that anyone can attend. Arabic is the main language in public schools with a strong emphasis on English as a second language. Private schools predominantly use English in class instructions. Public schools often cater to specific nationalities. There are private schools mainly set up for Indian, Pakistani, European and other citizens around Dubai City. All in all the school system is very good. Kish's nephews all attend them (as did Kish) and they are all bright and sharp individuals. The college/university system is also very good and is rapidly growing. Kish's sister went to the American University in Dubai and graduated with a great education. She currently works for Siemens (a multinational company) in a well respected corporate position. Kish however opted for studies in the US because of her academic interest.

Population of Dubai The population of Dubai was approximately 1.5M back in 2006. Majority of the population is comprised of immigrants, mainly from Asia. This includes all of Asia. There are a ton of Filipinos, Indians and Pakistanis particularly. (Good for me since I am Indian and was born in the Philippines. I just have the best of both worlds every time I visit Dubai. It feels like home) The Nationals make up under 20% of the population. Dubai is mainly male dominated with a 3 to 1 ratio. All these numbers will continue to change as the city is undergoing unprecedented transformation. Although historically these numbers have been quite consistent. All kinds of languages are spoken in Dubai; Arabic, English, Persian, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Bengali, Tagalog and many more.

Architecture in Dubai Architecture in Dubai City is quite interesting. Each building is unique in its design but they all have one thing in common. They all touch the sky! (or try to at least). The Dubai mentality of everything needs to be the biggest and best is apparent in its lavish and glamorous infrastructure. If you ask me to describe it in one word, I'd simply say UNREAL! I could also say AMAZING! Or UNBELIEAVABLE! It truly is, wait till you see it! If you have already seen it you know what I am talking about. If you have not, I suggest cruising down Sheikh Zayed road and just observe to your left and then to your right. Residential architecture is also interesting. Home in Dubai are called villas. Dubai villas are large and are usually expensive to rent. You will often find expatriate families and the Sheikhs living in these. Villas can be extremely unique from each other. Apartments and condos on the other hand can be quite generic. Though the building they are in will differ significantly in appearance from the exterior. The newer architecture cares more for distinction. The older buildings all look pretty much the same. A cool fact about Dubai City Architecture is that the brightest and best architecture engineers are brought in from all over the world to design various buildings in Dubai. You have the best designs of all worlds in one spot!

Dubai Lifestyle The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This cannot be more true in Dubai City. That said though, Dubai is the land of opportunity much like the USA was and still is to a certain degree. With the right education or entrepreneurial spirit, one can turn rags to riches in Dubai. It's a very career and commerce friendly environment, at least as of the mid 2000s. The lifestyle in Dubai is similar to Beverly Hills, California for the most part. If you got it, you gotta show it! In fact sometimes you gotta show it even if you don't got it! I think you get my drift. Because of the concentrated wealth in Dubai City, the rich love to show and tell. The poor on the other hand can barely afford to go out for a nice dinner. It's that kind of a place. The poor are usually the laborers and the construction workers who are mostly imported from nearby nations to build the world's next biggest XYZ. Their lifestyles are therefore incomparable to the rich. If you have money (and I mean even middle to upper middle class), you can live a very nice life in Dubai. Human labor is very cheap. You can get maids and drivers that live with you 24/7 and you pay them a salary of $300 USD at most. There is basically no dignity of labor. The poor are looked down upon and you won't find the equal treatment and respect that you see here in the US for example where the janitor is treated with the same respect as a CEO of a Fortune company (most of the times at least). That is one thing I absolutely cannot tolerate. My blood boils when I see one human being treating another with such harshness and rude attitude. Aarghh!

Dubai Islands Dubai itself is a peninsula of the greater UAE. Because of the ruler's ambitions and drive The City has been building artificial mad made islands on water. Why? Because Dubai City is running out of land space. So much is going on there and so much is being developed so rapidly that land mass is shrinking by the day. So what to do? Just throw sand in water and build islands! Lol. This concept is truly amazing to me. I first used to wonder how can the dirt stabilize and not move on water. I later realized that the water is shallow near the shores and it is possible to dump enough dirt into it to build a foundation that touches its ground. The farther away you go from shore the more difficult it will get to build these islands. Water will get deeper as you move out so let's see how long can the regime keep building on water! Time will tell and it will be interesting indeed. Two of the main Dubai islands I can think of are the Dubai Palm Islands and the Dubai World project.

More on these two Dubai islands in their respective discussions.

Visa to Dubai Visa requirements to Dubai differ for every Nationality. The procedure to apply for a Visa to Dubai however is quite simple. Visas can be issued within 72 hours if you fill out all documentation appropriately. If you are a US Citizen, you don't need a Visa to Dubai. Simply travel with your passport. Dubai is very pro America! (I like to be ignorant sometimes and think that most of the world is) If you have an urgent need, Visas to Dubai can also be issued within a day.

And you are just getting started Now that you have scratched the surface of Dubai City, continue to explore the individual links in this section and then move on to the next. We have more than enough information to make you feel like an expert before you go to Dubai.

Job Search Engines Pakistan Dubai and World Wide
2009-01-23 10:48:33

Job search engines have been the hottest search category in year 2008 according to Comscore ratings.. Here i am posting some very good job search engines for Pakistan, Dubai and Worldwide...

Pakistan Job Search Engines

If you have your updated profile on these websites with your current C.V. God might give you this opportunity to find a suitable job in Karachi, Pakistan.

Dubai Job Search Engines

If you have your updated profile on these websites with your current C.V. God might give you this opportunity to find a suitable job in Dubai.

WorldWide Job Search Engines According to Comscore:

So... There is a PC, a POST, a CHAIR, a STAFF waiting specially for you. If you want to start your career in an organized way.. then do the necessary updation on your profile so MEGA ORGANIZATIONS find you. Or you can search for queries posted by them. BEST OF LUCK.

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