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#1 SEO Outsourcing service Dubai at 00923213317911 Vast experience of Dubai internet marketing is here -
2009-06-24 15:30:08

Dubai (UAE), June 22, 2009 – Azhar Iqbal noted the growing Dubai internet marketing especially in the Dubai real estate, Dubai short term rentals, Dubai Apartments rentals, Dubai vacation apartments, Dubai tourism sectors etc. The recent clients for Dubai provided a value added ideas, thoughts, database of links, market understandings, seasons ups and downs and a great chance to improve revenue.

Few Dubai clients are:

Today, every second one is an SEO specialist J (Beware of those juniors, who treating as specialist SEOs for Dubai). The unique point is this service is different from other SEO service providers in Karachi, Pakistan. We believe in helping online businesses achieve their long term goals (Not just wasting time in stupid activities).

Azhar Iqbal has changed the entire luck of MEGA ORGANIZATIONS worldwide. He has got excellent business and analytical skills to manage him team produce excellent quality traffic. Azhar Iqbal runs to provide the following services:

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing
On Page / Off Page Optimization
PPC Management
Internet Marketing
Digital Marketing
Contract Based Banner Advertisement
Placement Targeted Banner Advertisement Online Creative Digital Marketing
Automated Solutions
Marketing Consultancy
Software Based Solutions
Advance Technology
B2B Portals Marketing & Sales
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Blog Editing
MSN Mail Marketing
YAHOO Mail Marketing

There are still businessmen who are missing SEO even their ONLINE WEBSITES… I want to tell them, that if you hire our SEO SERVICES for your business…

You might increase your sales up to 500%. We provide our services in not any currency… but you pay us in PAK RUPEES instead of BIG DOLLARS… MAGNAG is implementing Advance SEO solutions for Pakistan, Dubai, USA and UK based clients for 5 Years. Azhar Iqbal has worked for clients form around the world including UK, Dubai, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Vietnam, Germany and Pakistan. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: MAGNAG Technologies
Your Chance to Expand Business


Tel: 00923213317911
Address: Civil Aviation, Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan

Azhar Iqbal Market Research Analyst at A.I Training and Consultancy
2008-09-10 07:15:59

I have enjoyed being a market research analyst at A.I Training & Consultancy as it always you backgrounds and fresh basics when you are in an environment which is your industry.

Feeling those stages again which we have crossed one day, helping juniors find their way in an appropriate manner… Interestingly, most of the students when they join know nothing about “search engine optimization” and now they are well equipped with knowledge as sometimes I have no answer to their queries being untouched within the industry for a while :)

Hmm, so the environment is fantastic… and the procedure of training is pretty logical. There is so much “seo stuff” available on the internet, but it goes over with newbie’s. We train them step by step comprehensively, a clear cut concept of things involved in the strategy. We train them think seo like a race game, strategizing the plan, purpose in front, you have to beat your competitor, follow right rules, continuous efforts... Alarm!!! Relax!!! Alarm!!! Relax!!! It’s a whole mind game, one who is out, is out! Training Overview Summary / Overview SEO Training Pay per Click Ads Tracking Results Website Credibility Site Monetization Videos and Audios SEO Tools Marketing Tools Interviews I will be back with more updates from the academy.

A.I Training & Consultancy
Suite#11, Rafi Mansion, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Near Air Port, Karachi, Pakistan
+92... , 4594455, 5412088

Categories and Levels for SEOs in Karachi Think more SEO Think Bigger
2008-08-02 07:59:54

Another Post Especially for Junior SEOs in Karachi, Pakistan My dearest and dearest SEOs from Karachi, Pakistan or any other part of the world! Please I need your time especially for you.J Is this necessary to always wear a HAT either BLACK or WHITE…

When you are planning our future as junior SEO, you also think about learning something which could enhance your abilities, your experience, your skills and your value. There are 100s of other things which we already know play a vital role in enhancing search results in Google, Yahoo or Msn. Today, I want to be some different than a traditional SEO. Nah, today we will think different…

SEO is a part of internet marketing, if there would not be Google, Yahoo, and Msn…?

Who would have cared of them, but unfortunately we always stick to the knowledge what we have. We don’t try to learn different. I have updated few links in the right side of my Blog; you can now see some of the Top Super Stars of search engine industry. Google’s Employees, Yahoo Employees and Microsoft Employees, i will market them later, but currently its about learning something that is not SEO but necessary for an SEO.

What SEO needs to know? I think there are three levels of SEOs.

First Level: Basics
Second Level: All-rounder
Third Level: True Marketers

First Level: Basics In this level, a guy understands the basics of search engine optimization and starts thinking about getting top in the search results by optimizing the following components: Keyword Density Content Optimization SEO Friendliness of Website Pros and Cons Code Links etc. This has been again and again studied and are basics for someone looking to learn SEO.

Second Level: All-rounder There are guys who have had problems in understanding the online articles. The problem is that everything is linked on the internet, and they need professionals to teach them. Most of the time, they read whole but don’t understand the purpose. Similarly, if you don’t know what’s harming your web presence, you will never find out solutions..

Designing Abilities You must spend your time to improve your design scanning skills. You need an eye which can scan the website design for both SEO friendliness and user friendliness, if you can catch up with color theme, the quantity of images, text, content and links you are very near to be a Guru. You must know the right placements of your website content to interact visitors into paying customers.

Development Abilities You can improve your programming skills in the leisure time. Web development has always been one of the very critical parts of businesses. Database structure Fast indexing inside databases Possibilities and Difficulties of particular mark up languages Specific application development Software development Search Function on the website Login hassles and various other web features… If you are a true SEO Guru, you will encounter these problems and solve them in to your company’s favor, this is another good example of pro active SEOs.

Third Level: True Marketers Think what if there are no search engines? Think what if one banner advertisement provides you with more clicks than Google itself? Think what if the main source of your referrals is email? You have good quantity of traffic. But what when the most of the traffic comes from USA (where you don’t deal)? A popoular local London website can give you with more relevant and targeted traffic than you will imagine from Google. True Traffic! True hunt! Hmm, at this level, gurus have responsibilities to promote and market the company. Remember, if you rely on one of those search engines you are mistaken. There is still so much on the web which is waiting for you: Banner Advertisement Classified Advertisement Article Publishing Rss Marketing Blog Marketing Forum Marketing Link Network Recommended Links Paid Advertisements It all works, you have to analyze the audience before you invest money. This is more effective than the traffic you have from search engines. It’s fishing where the fishes are! Well the purpose of this post was only to let you guys know, that we have developed a wrong concept that high rankings are enough.. High rankings don’t increase sales High traffic don’t increase sales its your testing and testing, experience and experience, insights of web and other knowledge which enables you to decide on the right time. And on the right track…

Think marketing. Feel marketing.

Marriott Hotel Karachi Aug 16 2008 5iCreations Present One Day Training Workshop on Internet Marketing SEO Workshop
2008-08-02 09:05:33

by Internationally Renowned SEO Trainer ASIF IQBAL


o What is search engine?
o Why is search engine important?
o How search engine work?
o Difference in top search engine ranking criteria SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION
o Keywords Selection Criteria o Domain and Hosting related Issues
o On Page Optimization o Keyword Placement and Formatting Technique
o Strategy for Internal Linking
o Developing Link Building Strategy
o Monitoring Your Right Competitors
o SEO Friendly Content Writing Techniques
o Optimizing & Compressing Your Website’s Code
o Analyzing Your Website’s Traffic
o Google optimization
o Yahoo optimization
o Msn optimization BLOGGING
o What is blog?
o Benefits of blogging?
o Effective use of blogging for your online marketing & PR
o Dos & Don’ts of Blogging SPAM
o Overview of SPAM techniques
o Overview of White, Gray and Black Hat SEO
o Overview of Google SPAM Policy Scope & Objective
o Core Awareness of Search Engines and Optimization of the Websites
o Get top positions with specific words on leading search engines and reach global audience
o Market your website/ product internationally
o Experience the power of internet o High Paid Salaries Jobs
o Extra Source of Income
o Freelance Working Facilities


The participants will gain:

o Ability to Promote and Handle Own Websites in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn…
o Dos and Don’ts of Website Development and Designing
o Capability of Understanding Search Engine Workings
o Overview of Latest Search Engine Optimization Techniques
o Understanding of Online Marketing Strategies and Implementations
o Difference of Manual and Automated Submissions, Monitoring, Reporting
o Understanding of Business Oriented Websites
o Approaching to International Market
o Realizing the Power or Value of Internet
o Online Target Market Identification o Identification of Competitors
o Understanding of Online Surfers Psychology

Who should attend?

This course is highly valuable for:

o Marketing Executives: Assigned to promote their company's or client's Websites
o Webmasters: Want to increase traffic to their Websites
o Small Business Owners: Want to learn how to promote their Websites on search engines
o Owners of e-Commerce Websites: Want to increase paying customer conversion ratio of their websites visitors
o Website Designers: Want to offer search engine marketing services to their clients
o SEO and SEM: Wanting to improve their industry skills
o Fresh Graduates: Want to learn SEO in preparation for starting their own SEO business or applying for a job as an SEO or SEM

Workshop Format

The Workshop uses a Stimulating Mix of Instructions, Exercises, Discussions, Quiz and Q&A.

Materials Provided

o Workshop Reference Manual o Learning Pack
o Workshop Certificate REGISTER NOW! SEO / Internet Marketign Workshop!
Registration Information Register Online, or Phone: 021-8311988, 4594455 Mobile: 0322-2539598 Email: Website: for further information: Mr. SAQIB KHAN / Mikal Bhatia (Marketing Coordinator)


SEO Consultation Sign up Feel Free to Contact Us
2009-06-23 13:22:41

SEO Consultation Sign-up

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2008-05-23 14:03:28

I had come across studying a very interesting post on, which i am going to copy paste here at my blog for my valued readers... The purpose of doing such a head ache is only to educate SEOs in Karachi who bid themselves around 10,000 to 50,000 Rs. SEO's salary or contract is basically based only on SEO's demand. SEOs are earning huge money around the world (unfortunately not yet in Karachi, Pakistan). Even in India, SEO is one of the highly paid job. SEOs talk about going abroad to make the best of their career. So, the guys living in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Pakistan can have a good chance making their career bright especially in USA, Dubai, Singapore, UK Etc. So here it is, do read it and don't be wondered :) This article has been copied from from Rand Fishkin: "

This is going to be a tough and contentious issue and one that isn't easy for me to write about. Along with the obvious internal conflicts of interest in disclosing salary numbers, there's bound to be a lot of companies and individuals who will come away feeling that my numbers are wrong (or that their employers are cheating them). That said, it's a topic that needs to be addressed and if my experience can help (and inspire others to open up with their own data), then the accomplishment is well worthwhile. What I'll do is simply list the job titles that are common to the SEO world, the salaries I'm familiar with and the effects of geography, experience and demand on the numbers. All salaries are per annum. In-House SEOs Some of these are bound to be rough approximations, as there isn't industry standardization. Hopefully, the descriptions of duties will help identify who in your organization might fit these roles.
• VP/Director of Search Marketing $100,000 - $350,000+ This individual is ultimately responsible for setting direction and strategies for large companies with earnings from $25MM-$1Bil+. Since this position can create or lose incredible amounts of wealth for a firm, the salaries will often reflect executive-level compensation (just ask Joe Morin, who turned an offer on the high edge of my range).

• Director/Manager of Organic Search $75,000 - $150,000 This person is responsible for managing a team of SEO personnel in-house and reports to the senior marketing or SEO VP/Director.

• SEO Guru $75,000 - $200,000 The "guru" is typically running an SEO team (or possibly operating as an independent) for a small-mid-size firm earning $5-$50MM. They have final authority and responsibility for all of the SEO activities at a company, and for many of those firms who rely on the Internet as a primary sales channel, their decision are make or break propositions.

• Campaign Manager $55,00 - $100,000 The campaign manager would report to a director, but manages a team focused on specific campaigns for a site, keyword set, content area, etc. The compensation could go into six figures primarily due to bonuses, which are often given to campaign mangers who can churn out consistently excellent results.

• SEO Specialist (Links, Content and/or KW Research) $40,000 - $80,000 An SEO specialist is the true "worker" of the search team - optimizing page content, researching keywords, building links, adding content, etc. The range is very wide due to experience and opportunity - an SEO-newbie just starting out won't have the same independence, reliability and skill as someone who's played in the space for several years and knows the engines.
SEO Agency Employees I have a slightly better grasp on these, but again, individual companies are bound to fluctuate.
• SEO Director $50,000 - $100,000 The SEO director leads up the SEO team (sometimes several teams), providing strategy, overseeing processes, providing training and occassionally getting their hands down and dirty in the SERPs. If SEOmoz were bigger, someone like Rebecca would be my director, watching over the bulk of the work for clients.

• Search Marketing Consultant $60,000 - $200,000 A search consultant is a rare breed - these folks work for an SEO agency, but are basically consultants in their own rights. They have the skills, talent and sometimes, reputation to manage a campaign or client independently without outside guidance (they may even be more knowledgable than anyone else on the team). Some marketing agencies have brought folks like this into their fold and its a position I've been offered many times. For those who remember, a good real life example might be when Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl) worked with Jim Boykin's group (WeBuildPages), though I'm certainly not suggesting that Jim or Todd is smarter/better than the other.

• Link Builder $35,000 - $100,000 The link builder is, in many ways, a mythical being. At the early stages, they follow direction and strategy from a manager or CEO, but later on, if they grow in power and ability, their value can become so high that its tough to retain them (hence the massive salary range). A true link ninja is so invaluable as to virtually name their price - the return on investment makes it worthwhile.

• Content Writer $35,000 - $75,000 A great content writer is a critical part of an SEO firm, particularly with the focus on linkbaiting campaigns. Writers, like link builders, can grow in value over time, but since it requires a much less specialized knowledge, there is far more supply in the marketplae (hence the lower salary ceiling).

• SEO Researcher $30,000 - $60,000 Researchers pursue data for content writers, keywords for campaigns and may even contribute to link building and/or content building efforts. Web research is a somewhat easier skill to acquire, though certainly the best of these folks (someone like Gary Price might fit that bill) will be found in higher positions in the industry.

• Client Relations Coordinator $35,000 - $75,000 Often inaccurately dubbed "project managers," a client services coordinator is responsible for maintaining an SEO project's tasks, keeping in communication with clients and keeping the team and mangers informed of progress. Andy Beal described this position to me as someone who serves as the "consultant" for a specific project and though their levels of knowledge may not be at expert, they can refer back to the team or their higher-ups for direction in how to answer questions or handle issues.

Factors that can Create Wide Disparity The following items have the ability to push the ranges above considerably higher or lower.

• Reputation In the insular world of SEO, made smaller by blogs, forums & industry events, reputation often preceeds you. Your experiences with a firm, with clients, at conferences, and on the web can create high demand. As an example, I think many folks have recognized the blogging genius that is Lisa Barone of Bruce Clay. If she were to seek work in the SEO field, her compensation would be considerably higher than an entry level content writer. The same goes for someone like Cameron Olthius of acsSEO (the only company more difficult to properly capitalize than SEOmoz), who I suspect would fetch a considerable sum thanks to his abilities to design, market and linkbait.

• Geography The salaries above represent what I'd expect to find in Seattle, WA or another similar cost-of-living city. In New York, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Tokyo, the salaries should be a good deal higher, while in Tulsa, OK, State College, PA or Ames, IA, it might be somewhat lower.

• Experience A new recuit, with no SEO experience should expect to be looking at the lowest ranges of salaries. However, in SEO, experience ramps up quickly. Just two years of involvement will give a considerable leg up and the potential to be in the middle of the pack (if you've been successful). Likewise, those folks who have 4 or more years of experience with high-level results to show can comfortably start near the top of the ranges in the right geography. In SEO, salaries ramp up quickly primarily due to the ability of experienced SEOs to make considerable sums working independently as consultants, freelancers or working on their own sites/projects.

• Supply/Demand The dot-com collapse was certainly not a one-time event, and Web2.0 shows plenty of bubble-like signs. Even in the interim, there have been small fluctuations (mostly seasonal) that has made SEO more/less in demand by both agencies and firms.

Where does SEOmoz fit into these equations? It might surprise a lot of folks to learn that we're in the lower end of my ranges. While we've got a terrific team, we've hired folks who are completely fresh to the field, relying on great people who we think can learn SEO, rather than experienced folks who might not fit well with the organization. We've also been constrained by budget, as, up until this summer, SEOmoz was still digging out of red (that followed us from the crash years). I, myself take home less than several of my staff and am looking forward to when I can increase the salaries to be at the levels I'd want for the team. With regards to the salary data, I'd like to solicit your thoughts as well - do you believe these numbers to be high, low, or close to what your experiences have been? p.s. At the end of 2006, I'll be sharing our financial statements on the site (with some specifics removed), and you'll be able to see for yourself how we've gone from 3 employees to 9 in just under 12 months. Numbers like "total earnings" and "total expenses" will be there, too. Enjoy!

2008-05-08 05:20:50

We all know search engines are a kind of database which have enormous amount of websites. All the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Msn have filtered those websites and provided them with a particular rank they deserve.

Like any other company, search engines don’t wish to negotiate on the quality of results. However, we the SEOs are in the industry to spoil their search engine results (I am not wrong when I say some sites don’t deserve those high rankings, but thanks for Good search engine optimization).

Think of the day when Google users will think, I don’t like the Google results that’s why I will not use it anymore… This is more than a threat for search engines… Their credibility!

Those who don’t even use internet, I tell them to switch to Google and search their stuff… There can be no better advice than this as they do not know any web addresses. This is the same case for SEOs, they guarantee high rankings but what if the web business is small, can’t handle the pressure of being in top 10? Does it deserve to be there?

Well, its luck! Most of the webmasters and SEOs are proved to be lucky and they have achieved high rankings through continuous link building and efforts.

Today, the big three companies are focusing on other features and services with search. They are desktop features, messenger, images, news, videos, books, trends, RSS, code, mail, free space, operating system, personalized internet experience etc.

However, Search is still their focus. Google shares a 52.14% of internet search usage, yahoo gains 28% and on the other hand Msn grabs 11% according to the nelson ratings in February 2008.

Why search engines are too weak to let the SEOs ruin their search results?

Its because search engines are not human, they are machines, robots, algorithms which still no one knows except the people inside Google, Yahoo or Msn. They treat like how they are feed in. But fortunately, Google has taken few steps and there is a well established system where qualified engineers at Google including Matt Cutts check and troubleshoot the quality of search results. They take the top 20s of major industries and filter them if they are hijacking or doing black hat SEO techniques like hidden text, keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages, link farming etc.

Google’s share is still on its position and I personally love Google and Msn results. Sometime if I am unable to search something on Google I find it on Msn.

This has been the individual experience in the end. I hope SEOs of new era will try to rethink on their SEO strategies and always avoid black hat SEO techniques.

We SEOs are here to make user experience better, and if we are able to do it we automatically passes search engine policies as they also keen to display the relevant and deserve search results.

Think about customers not SEOs!

SEO Workshop Karachi Marriot Hotel Covered
2008-08-20 10:39:53

One of the beauties of the SEO workshop held in Marriot hotel by A.I Consultancy and 5.I Creations was the presence of the Pakistan’s cream of SEOs...

It included the Guru Asif Iqbal (was training and dominating the Workshop)

Farhan Kamal (One of the most senior SEOs of Pakistan and Publisher at Step Front) was a surprise for me, as the workshop was for SEO Juniors and being an experienced SEO his presence simply doubled the effectiveness for juniors.

The other one is Nadir Shah Banjhani who has got the extra ordinary student award in the last workshop, in this one year he has matured himself as an experienced SEO.

The workshop was excellent! It covered more than it was expected…

Pleasant Environment
Group Competitions
Deep Discussions
Practical Exercises
A Great Lunch at Nadia Hall etc.

When it started at 9:30 A.M, attendees getting fresh of their mornings but as it begins it brings a lot of excitement onto the faces of everyone.

A combination of graphic designers, programmers, SEOs, SEMs, Marketers, Marketing Managers was present in the workshop.

It was also a good experience for everyone to know each other deeply in the leisure time, and ASIF IQBAL continued to speak and speak whole the day.

Google, Yahoo, Msn all search engines were discussed. It also covered white hat techniques, black hat technique, components to improve search engine visibility, keyword research, link building, competitive analysis, competitor research etc.

I will be back when we will other announcement regarding next workshop, I don’t think it’s anywhere near. The excitement is on…

Social Media is Getting Popular in Karachi Pakistan
2009-02-12 22:47:35

Social media websites are completely based on real communities. People like to connect themselves with the other people living in different countries and speak different languages.

People share their stories, content, videos, images, articles, bookmarks and whatever they like to share. It’s very easy: The registration is FREE, once you signup you are able to organize your own bookmark lists and stuff.

Some of the worlds popular Social Media Websites are…

What I like about it, social media marketing is a healthy tool of viral marketing. You can create your company account and share your opinions, data, and thoughts with the real people online. The total numbers of social media website users in Karachi, Pakistan are getting higher each day. I hope the day is not very far when we are gonna have millions of users locally from Karachi, Pakistan. I am busy now a days with huge tasks.. I will come back soon with more interesting and valuable social media websites. One more thing, we have experts of these social media marketing at MAGNAG technologies...

If you want to know more about it, gimme a call at +923213317911.

Till then, you take care KARACHI, PAKISTAN.

2008-10-31 10:11:58

I got together with many businessmen in Karachi, Pakistan. They are very keen about their business; they don’t sleep but think about their business…

There are many things they are taking over together on their hands. They can only implement ideas and their team does it. However, ideas only come when you are relaxed…

How Ideas flow to Businessmen in Karachi, Pakistan

One idea can change the business standings One good step can promote the business

Usually, businessman are very busy, much tensed, they don’t want to be always already late. They distribute their important tasks to the responsible management.
Their life is very busy. How come ideas come to them? They never know about internet marketing...

They only think about offline marketing, advertising or viral marketing.

But they are not technical enough to think about search engine marketing and its tremendous effects on their businesses.

Low Level understanding of Search Engine Marketing

I mate many businessmen, some know little, some know more… Let me give it my percentage, which is only based on my experience.

30% businessmen know about search engine marketing 70% businessmen don’t know about search engine marketing

This is a good guess. Now, if I divide this 30% into more…

10% businessmen know 30% about search engine marketing 20% businessmen know
10% about search engine marketing

Hmm... At this point, we see strange figure and situation in Karachi business community.

Why they are always unable to market their business in search engines?
Don’t they know the importance of Google, Yahoo and Msn?
Why don’t they have time for search engine marketing?

I know, search engine marketing know how is very less in Karachi, Pakistan. This industry is still a child, but we are gurus, professionals in this industry. We proud we played a good role to promote search engine industry in Karachi, Pakistan. We are proud to be Pakistani.


Thinking and Intelligence of businessmen in Karachi, Pakistan – This title for this post suits this article. However, if you are a businessman and still know nothing about search engine effectiveness. The conclusion is you please take it in a negative way.

Contact me at my personal cell number: +923213317911
Mail me at my personal mail:

If Allah wants me to do it, I will be able to guide you about how you should move in search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

I can improve your website traffic up to 500%

This is my guarantee.

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