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An SEO Campaign is always an ongoing process
2008-11-08 10:12:08

SEO campaign is never same for everyone, it changes focus with popularity grows. The SEO strategy for an established website may be very different to that of a new website; the main reason is the preloaded inbound linking effect of an established website. Google robot favors rich, trustworthy websites.

Their algorithm focuses on establishment. If you have an established website, you may only have to communicate with Google robot, rather than going against them, and you can have high high rankings with very less comparative effort. There are SEOs who never revise there SEO strategy.

They have plans and they do it same for every client. SEO Gurus should tweak and review old content. SEO Gurus should design an SEO strategy which never breaks over the years. SEO Gurus should make an audit part of their SEO campaign. These are parts, ideas and aspects which should be updated in an SEO audit.

1- Hard Line There is always two ways to follow. If you are always on hard line and do aggressive SEO stuff each day, it can harm your SEO. Hard Line can take several times in over optimization. Keep yourself updated with the algorithms changes every time, your SEO strategy can be useless if algorithms have changed. In copywriting, people go over with their copy. They stuff keywords in the copy, which can often result in a page which reads poorly. Google algorithm is very intelligent and it figures out if the website is only built for search engines rather than users. Don’t need to be on Hard Line Quality inbound linking can help

2- Poor Design & Format People search queries, they reach your website… does your website answer the query thoroughly? Does it look trustworthy? Is it the first choice? You need to check and balance your web pages for the basics. Check spelling, grammar and make sure you use call to actions.

3. Re-Stable Your Link Popularity how is your current link popularity? Do you have all reciprocal links? Are they all pointing from low quality websites? Are most of links linking from home page? You must have external deep links pointing to internal pages, too.

4- Duplicate Content Duplicate is always a negative strategy. In exam rooms, teacher catches that copy others and duplicates content… Similarly, duplicate content may create problems for you, because Google robot hates similar or same content. See Google Guidelines about Duplicate Content

5- Alliances Sometime, we research for our business related websites. Suppliers, vendors, partners, local chamber of commerce etc. Naturally, this results in quality networking. Like, if I have account on, I sell my products on the website, so I will have a very good link from on each product page.

6- Adwords Testing and Troubleshooting your titles and description tags are very important. People see them when they have to click on search results. Are you title tags and description tells exactly about your business? Do they generate maximum visitor response? How would you know? Run your adwords test. Take the description and titles into the Google adwords ads, and run an adwords campaign on different variations. This can explore more enticing titles and descriptions on actual click rate. Always consider changing your titles and description tags to improve Click through Rate.

7. Balance Link Building and Content writing a successful SEO strategy needs both content writing and link building, and you need to spend your time on both. Linking is always worthwhile, but never forgets content.

Keep an eagle’s eye on your SEO campaign.

Do you have huge expectations with SEO
2009-01-30 16:31:30

We SEOs know how things have changed into the industry. The SEO is now not same competitive as it was few years ago. The search engines have indexed huge websites on the internet and SEO terms have been gained popularity and understood now. The websites getting online, now taking care of SEO friendliness, Meta tags, title tags and link building Pakistani SEOs are touching the SPAM CORNER of the industry and taking it to the dangerous direction. Long term and white hat SEO technique result in long term benefits. The Golden age of SEO was pretty uncompetitive! Anyone who was aware of Meta tags and keyword research could easily got high rankings…

Today’s the stage is not the same Huge Competition Today, the competition has gone higher. Even low competitive and long tail keywords can be difficult to get high rankings unless you truly don’t know what you are doing. And unfortunately those ranking can be lost within days :) You website should have few years domain age if you want immediate results. This is one of the example why long term SEO is necessary.

Ask yourself if you need High Rankings or Targeted Traffic? Website owners just talk about high rankings and high traffic. Ask yourself, someone visiting your online shop looking for NEW CARS and you have only USED CARS…? Unfortunately, many SEOs in Karachi Pakistan are still unable to find out the real picture. We should focus on our “business goals” rather than discovering SPAM LINKING TECHNIQUES day by day.

You think your business goal is to get Top 10 rankings in search engines?
What kind of Goal is this?

SOMEONE EMAILING ME for his flash website to optimize to Number 1 position on “shopping”… I am not kidding :) I know people think their first step of generating income of revenue is to be within Top 5 in search engines. I also think they are right! But I only add on the targeted phrases…

We SEOs are not magic mans! We can’t urgently place any website within Top 5 when there are thousands of other websites competing for the same. SEO is not dead. You have to select right keywords for your business and implement a long term strategy with time bounding…

Try to Figure out Your True Goals No SEO company or SEO specialist in Karachi, Pakistan is going to help you out. If you yourself don’t know what you exactly want. If you are not ready to forget what you assume and what you want, please don’t contact me. Learn more about what you really needs.

Beware of Inexperienced SEO Consultants and Specialists in Karachi Pakistan there are hundreds of SEO consultants in Karachi Pakistan, who will assure you they can do magic! Bring high rankings within days! You want to be number 1 on “shopping”? No problem sir. They will be more than happy to take your money, do some work, and in the end get no results. They just tell you what you want to hear…



More traffic = more money It's simple math
2008-12-03 09:11:36

Keep it to yourself.

If you generate an income online (or plan to soon),one thing is for sure.

===> You need traffic

More traffic = more money It's simple math.

The challenge we all face is, how to get more traffic. With the fierce competition using pay-per-click advertising, it's tough to get direct heap traffic anymore. And getting natural (organic) search engine traffic isn't easy either.

Once gain, competition is cut-throat. Also, when you factor in link building, social marketing, video marketing... all this adds up to 2-3 weeks of grunt work before you even see a glimmer of results. Rather than spend *more* time away from your friends and family (chained to the computer) trying to generate traffic....

What if I could show you how to get *other* people to do all this work for you... ... Get thousands of online customers to talk about your website(s), send you traffic 24/7, and give you niche-specific quality back links, and promote your sites throughout the top social media sites and many more. Imagine how much more successful you *could* be by having this kind of leverage through an army of people helping you dominate the search engines. (... and no, I am *not* talking about outsourcing here or using some auto-robot software.

This is way, way more powerful. Plus it's completely Google friendly) Aren't you a tad curious about what I am talking about here? I am opening the doors to a service that has been under the radar for several months. Actually, it's more of an under-the-radar army than anything. This is the first time you'll be able to grab the “FREE SEM Feasibility Report“ by emailing your website URL to

For further details...

I think you'll be excited about what we have got for you.

How long do you take to optimize a Web Site
2009-01-29 09:27:36

Since SEO Industry is becoming popular within Karachi, Pakistan...? Lots of business and website owners have much to ask from SEO Consultants and Experts in Karachi, Pakistan. They have many questions and successful experts answer all of their concerns and fears in hiring you as SEO consultant specialist.

One question which is asked most often is “How long do you take to optimize a website and get top search engines ranking which I am hoping for”?

New SEOs in Karachi Pakistan (relevantly new to the industry) commits like they have an ALADIN or personal relations with Google engineers and programmers…

They say I am going to take 1 month, 2 months, 3 months etc… Well, that depends… GUYS it depends on several things, including the kind of website you are optimizing, the search engines you are targeting, the competition you are challenging, competitiveness of the keywords and your level of monitoring the ongoing tasks and their effects on search engine rankings, it depends on how much time you are going to surf on researching the industry and competition into the optimization process.

At the elementary level, you may select two or three keywords for your website’s home page, plug those keywords in Meta tags, Title tag and body text then submit your website to top search engines and wait for the traffic to come. You can surely do this in less than one hour. However, such a limited effort is not going to do anything in terms of generating traffic boost. A highly targeted and focused SEO campaign requires time dedication, experience, goal settings and most probably the patience. The keyword research should be based on comprehensive analysis of strong and weak keywords.

SEO optimized copy writing and continuous link building, as well monitoring the assessment of the outcome of the campaign. Honestly speaking, you should creatively and patently develop your website, rather than rushing things and tasks to the process. The end results are based on the time you spend understanding the industry and link building. No one can bring top search engine ranking within nights. The good understanding with Googlebot and interaction with the search engine algorithms are very necessary.

The competition makes successful search engine optimization challenging, time-consuming and, most of the times frustrating. Sometimes, it can take several months before you see good changes in search results. If your website is NEW… you are going to face the issues of “sandboxing” (keeping your site out of Google’s top rankings for as much as six months period). Google examines the site’s trust and links by keeping it to the separate database of new websites called SANDBOX. In the meantime, Google deliberately keep NEW sites away reaching high rankings in its index.

You may seek out quality and relevant links and keep patience .. In the end, you must keep in mind that you are optimizing your website FOREVER (not for one time). Why hiring inexperienced guys who can take risks and get your website BAN by Google or involve in SPAM TECHNIQUES. A perfectly-optimized website will not grab immediate results Time Period to make good understanding with Google Bot Search engine robots visit the website on the frequency of updates and good SEO changes and rank pages. We are going to make this process fast…

Robot Activity Normal Period to Visit a Website = Weekly, or Once in two weeks Normal Period to Rank Pages = 25 – 35 days Goal Settings If we are able to make critical changes in the 1st month. We are going to get good change from the second month and then boost from the 4th month. Lets say:

1st Month Total Visits = 100
2nd Month Total Visits = 150
3rd Month Total Visits = 200
4th Month Total Visits = 220
5th Month Total Visits = 250 (The continuous good understanding with Google Bot, Quality
6th Month Total Visits = 500 Linking, PR improvement, Trust Rank improvement)
7th Month Total Visits = 550
8th Month Total Visits = 600
9th Month Total Visits = 700
10th Month Total Visits = 800
11th Month Total Visits = 900
12th Month Total Visits = 1000 with the patience and the right approach, the search engine rankings will eventually materialize, and the traffic will come to your website.


Minor Web Site Usability Mistakes Which Ends in Bigger Disasters
2008-11-28 13:10:33

When you have just built your website! What you do?



When you first introduce your website in community forums for reviews, what are you asking for?

You may ask,

“Please tell me what do you feel and think of my website”
“Which color do you guys like?”
“Did I forget something to optimize for search engines?”

There’s never a safe answer. You are on mistake when you ask others to “look” at your website. It’s strange. “Do I look fat?” You have to assign tasks to grab honest answers to these tough questions. As a website owner, you must be interested in these questions: What is the core purpose of the website? Don’t expect your audience to react as intelligently as you do. It’s a fun way to ask, “Tell me what the site is about” , to see if the site’s purpose is communicated clearly.

• It’s never going to warn you if your shopping cart is broken.
• It never alerts you if your sales lead form was broken and turned away customers.
• If your product can be displayed with pictures, do it.

When someone starts CAR shopping even on the web, good sales people begin with car’s features and describe updates from previous models. He will quote you each and every picture of inside and outside. You won’t purchase it at this point, however. For now, the sales person is spinning you a tale to imagine yourself inside that beautiful expensive vehicle.
Sales people don’t approach you with “Do you think this car look better in other color?”

What does it Give?
Most of the web site owners ask in community forums by writing,

“My sales are down! Will you please look at my homepage and suggest me what wrong I’m doing?”

Sometimes they’ll ask, “We have just completed our entire redesigned web site and our analytics tells us public are still leaving from the home page, Please Help!” If you happened to sell you home, we know estate agents ask us to furnish it by cleaning, painting, emptying it out so it looks roomy and place flowers around. If we had to do all this stuff to make it look pretty, we wouldn’t need real estate agents to show our home. Website with fresh look and paint on the homepage but no repairs and maintenance to the information architecture, persuasive content, functionality and user experience can’t TOP and perform MIRACLES.

Does it response to my Emotions?
You were gathering the requirements for your online business,

did you note down to include emotion?

Do you really know how people surf on the internet/websites when they are in hurry?
1. Upset?
2. Worried?
3. Stressed?
4. Tired?
5. Hungry?

Google SearchWiki – The data highlights that searchers want better ways to search, organize, save their research and quickly find favorite web sites. How stress and exhaustion effect search behavior? You do it sometime, I bet you will enjoy. Let’s open Google Analytics and find out your web site visitors.

• What content they like?
• What colors are soothing?
• Do you have happy pictures and colors?
• Does your website prove what it claims?
• Were there FAQs, About Company, Case Studies or Testimonials?

Is it really easy to use? We all Pakistanis are trying to figure out success. Lets say if I have a good website, it contains all bells, whistles, content, easy navigation, information, features, functions, If the form is not converting sales,

Why? In many cases, there is no information about how long the quote process will take.

• How many pages is the form?
• How much information is expected from the applicant?
• Is the follow up response by email or phone call?
• Is there a choice?
• Do I show competitive data and choices?
• How to pay?

These are very minor mistakes; most of us never think them. However, believe me if a website is not converting sales, the website system and usability are still in question… The biggest mistake is to believe that web site look and feel matters the most. How it looks is only one part of the process. How it performs is another. What it gives to customers and how effectively it conveys the organization’s message will matter even more.

2008-05-08 05:20:50

We all know search engines are a kind of database which have enormous amount of websites. All the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Msn have filtered those websites and provided them with a particular rank they deserve.

Like any other company, search engines don’t wish to negotiate on the quality of results. However, we the SEOs are in the industry to spoil their search engine results (I am not wrong when I say some sites don’t deserve those high rankings, but thanks for Good search engine optimization).

Think of the day when Google users will think, I don’t like the Google results that’s why I will not use it anymore… This is more than a threat for search engines… Their credibility!

Those who don’t even use internet, I tell them to switch to Google and search their stuff… There can be no better advice than this as they do not know any web addresses. This is the same case for SEOs, they guarantee high rankings but what if the web business is small, can’t handle the pressure of being in top 10? Does it deserve to be there?

Well, its luck! Most of the webmasters and SEOs are proved to be lucky and they have achieved high rankings through continuous link building and efforts.

Today, the big three companies are focusing on other features and services with search. They are desktop features, messenger, images, news, videos, books, trends, RSS, code, mail, free space, operating system, personalized internet experience etc.

However, Search is still their focus. Google shares a 52.14% of internet search usage, yahoo gains 28% and on the other hand Msn grabs 11% according to the nelson ratings in February 2008.

Why search engines are too weak to let the SEOs ruin their search results?

Its because search engines are not human, they are machines, robots, algorithms which still no one knows except the people inside Google, Yahoo or Msn. They treat like how they are feed in. But fortunately, Google has taken few steps and there is a well established system where qualified engineers at Google including Matt Cutts check and troubleshoot the quality of search results. They take the top 20s of major industries and filter them if they are hijacking or doing black hat SEO techniques like hidden text, keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages, link farming etc.

Google’s share is still on its position and I personally love Google and Msn results. Sometime if I am unable to search something on Google I find it on Msn.

This has been the individual experience in the end. I hope SEOs of new era will try to rethink on their SEO strategies and always avoid black hat SEO techniques.

We SEOs are here to make user experience better, and if we are able to do it we automatically passes search engine policies as they also keen to display the relevant and deserve search results.

Think about customers not SEOs!

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