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Categories and Levels for SEOs in Karachi Think more SEO Think Bigger
2008-08-02 07:59:54

Another Post Especially for Junior SEOs in Karachi, Pakistan My dearest and dearest SEOs from Karachi, Pakistan or any other part of the world! Please I need your time especially for you.J Is this necessary to always wear a HAT either BLACK or WHITE…

When you are planning our future as junior SEO, you also think about learning something which could enhance your abilities, your experience, your skills and your value. There are 100s of other things which we already know play a vital role in enhancing search results in Google, Yahoo or Msn. Today, I want to be some different than a traditional SEO. Nah, today we will think different…

SEO is a part of internet marketing, if there would not be Google, Yahoo, and Msn…?

Who would have cared of them, but unfortunately we always stick to the knowledge what we have. We don’t try to learn different. I have updated few links in the right side of my Blog; you can now see some of the Top Super Stars of search engine industry. Google’s Employees, Yahoo Employees and Microsoft Employees, i will market them later, but currently its about learning something that is not SEO but necessary for an SEO.

What SEO needs to know? I think there are three levels of SEOs.

First Level: Basics
Second Level: All-rounder
Third Level: True Marketers

First Level: Basics In this level, a guy understands the basics of search engine optimization and starts thinking about getting top in the search results by optimizing the following components: Keyword Density Content Optimization SEO Friendliness of Website Pros and Cons Code Links etc. This has been again and again studied and are basics for someone looking to learn SEO.

Second Level: All-rounder There are guys who have had problems in understanding the online articles. The problem is that everything is linked on the internet, and they need professionals to teach them. Most of the time, they read whole but don’t understand the purpose. Similarly, if you don’t know what’s harming your web presence, you will never find out solutions..

Designing Abilities You must spend your time to improve your design scanning skills. You need an eye which can scan the website design for both SEO friendliness and user friendliness, if you can catch up with color theme, the quantity of images, text, content and links you are very near to be a Guru. You must know the right placements of your website content to interact visitors into paying customers.

Development Abilities You can improve your programming skills in the leisure time. Web development has always been one of the very critical parts of businesses. Database structure Fast indexing inside databases Possibilities and Difficulties of particular mark up languages Specific application development Software development Search Function on the website Login hassles and various other web features… If you are a true SEO Guru, you will encounter these problems and solve them in to your company’s favor, this is another good example of pro active SEOs.

Third Level: True Marketers Think what if there are no search engines? Think what if one banner advertisement provides you with more clicks than Google itself? Think what if the main source of your referrals is email? You have good quantity of traffic. But what when the most of the traffic comes from USA (where you don’t deal)? A popoular local London website can give you with more relevant and targeted traffic than you will imagine from Google. True Traffic! True hunt! Hmm, at this level, gurus have responsibilities to promote and market the company. Remember, if you rely on one of those search engines you are mistaken. There is still so much on the web which is waiting for you: Banner Advertisement Classified Advertisement Article Publishing Rss Marketing Blog Marketing Forum Marketing Link Network Recommended Links Paid Advertisements It all works, you have to analyze the audience before you invest money. This is more effective than the traffic you have from search engines. It’s fishing where the fishes are! Well the purpose of this post was only to let you guys know, that we have developed a wrong concept that high rankings are enough.. High rankings don’t increase sales High traffic don’t increase sales its your testing and testing, experience and experience, insights of web and other knowledge which enables you to decide on the right time. And on the right track…

Think marketing. Feel marketing.

Questions to know about your customers
2008-02-11 14:45:50

I have talked about how important it is to know your customers to make an impact on sales. Its always easy to say something that is nearly impossible to do, but nothing is impossible, there is a solution of every problem hidden around us, we simply can’t see that…

Today I am going to write down some very important questions which you must know to thoroughly understand your customers. They are the reason of your business, if you can’t satisfy them you are not going to stay strongly to your feets… Again mind you.. Its your customer support department who should be well trained to treat your customers, make the purchase a true memorable experience, keep important data, provide a healthy environment and at last answer these questions

Q1 - Are they male or female?
Q2 - What socio-economic or ethnic group do they belong?
Q3 - What levels of education have they completed?
Q4 - What is their marital status?
Q5 - Do they have children?
Q6 - What age group?
Q7 - What is their religious preference?
Q8 - What are their lifestyle preferences?
Q9 - What kind of hobbies do they have?
Q10 - How do they spend their free time?
Q11 - Do they tend to be conservative or liberal in their lifestyle and political beliefs?.
Q12 - Are they generally introverted or extroverted?
Q13 - How much do they make in a year?
Q14 - Can they easily afford your product or service?
Q15 - On what do they regularly spend money?
Q16 - What types of occupations do they hold?
Q17 - Are they part of a particular industry or profession?
Q18 - To what groups and associations (real and virtual, personal and professional) do they belong?
Q19 - Is there a list of them that might exist somewhere?
Q20 - What are their beliefs?
Q21 - What values do they hold dear?
Q22 - What is important to them in their life and work?
Q23 - Where do they hang out in real time -- at church, the local coffee shop, the hardware store, civic groups or professional association meetings?
Q24 - What about online in discussion groups, blogs, forums, online networking sites?
Q25 - Do they attend conferences or trade shows regularly?
Q26 - Can you open the yellow pages of your phone book and find several listings that would encompass your target market?
Q27 - What magazines, newspapers, email newsletters, blogs, and professional trade publications
Q28 - do they read?
Q29 - What television programs do they regularly watch?
Q30 - What kind of movies do they see?
Q31 - What kind of online videos do they view?
Q32 - With whom do they do business on a regular basis?
Q33 - Where do they network online and offline?
Q34 - Who are their "natural referral partners", or other businesses who cater to the same target market but offer a different service?
Q35 - Whom do they trust and respect?
Q36 - How do they prefer to interact -- in person, by email, by webconferencing?
Q37 - Are there buzzwords or industry-specific terms that they use frequently?
Q38 - What gets their attention?
Q39 - What are the key issues/problems/concerns keeping them awake at night? Are they in enough pain that they're willing to pay you to solve their problem?
Q40 - Where are they seeking assistance to help solve the problem?
Q41 - What kinds of products and services might they purchase to help solve this problem – books, magazines, coaching, consulting, etc.?

Well, these questions look too much at first glance, even sometimes we don’t know this much about ourselves… :) In the end, answer of these questions can carry your business strategies, planning, decisions to the right direction.

Thinking of building a fresh website or re-working a current one?
2009-10-22 19:35:02

If you are at the moment thinking about a new internet site and you would like big visitor numbers for the site then now is the right time to adopt the services of a search engine optimization company. The services provided by some of this organization are necessary if organizations are to validate the time, effort and cost that will be invested in a new site.

Depending on the difficulty of the website that is about to be composed or re-worked your spend could rather easily reach the thousands of pounds mark. If the goal is that the site brings new customers, leads and business then it could be the best designed site in the world but if possible customers don’t get to see it, it’s useless. This is where the Search Engine Optimization Company comes in.

though more expenditure at this time may not be great it is absolutely crucial if any investment is going to create results. You could have the best appealing website in your industry but if customers do not see it appear on page one of their searches results all the effort has been in futile. Your competitors will be occupying the coveted positions one to ten and the customer will definitely find what he is looking for among them, meaning that your expenditure in your new website has been wasted.

If you employ with the Search Engine Optimization Company at this early juncture they will be able to steer you and your web designer down the best possible path to make certain that your site is obvious to the search engines. Whilst this input without help rarely means that you will achieve page 1 search engine positioning without additional action, it can radically cut down the amount of money you will need to spend on Online Marketing once the site is live.

Once the site itself has been optimized to its up most the Search Engine Optimization Company will then support the site using a variety of strategies to make certain that the required Search Engine Placement is attained, i.e. page one of the search results. They can then continue to hold you on that page with regular online PR for an indefinite period.

It is possible toban existing website but if this has not been constructed with optimization in mind then the issue is more time consuming and therefore costly. Nevertheless if the existing site already has a valuable number of returning buyers and a reasonable Search Engine Placement already it might be better to work with what you have. Either way employ with them as soon as you can.

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